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“Looking back on how we were doing business and how we are doing it now, I almost feel like if you don’t have technology like Popmenu, you’re going to be left behind.”

Mikiel Arnold | Owner, The Freakin Incan

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Automation in action

An easy start to tech

“Popmenu saves me time because everything is under one platform. It has freed up my time to get more creative in the kitchen, to make sure everything is organized and ready for the day, and it’s helped me get better at marketing my restaurant. It’s so convenient, it’s so easy.”
Eric Handwerger | Owner, Ocean State Sandwich Company
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Improving your margins

“There are so many benefits with Popmenu and I’ve been so happy with the ease of use. It’s made it easier on me to run my business.”
Kaitlyn Kolacy | Director of Operations, GIOIA Pizzeria
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