Gain efficiency in the kitchen and make fulfilling orders easier on your team.

Save time with automation and reclaim valuable counter space
Consolidate software and support to just one vendor
a POS terminal
Eliminate errors via POS integrations with Square and Clover

Order Management that Just Makes Sense

With OrderNerd baked directly into the Popmenu platform, there's just one place to receive and fulfill orders, whether those come from third-party delivery partners, or online orders placed on your website.

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Benefits of OrderNerd

Create Space

  • Reduce the clutter on your countertops by replacing each third-party tablet with one tablet that receives all orders through the Pop for Owners app.

Reduce Errors

  • Save time and ensure order accuracy through integrations Clover and Square POS systems (Toast coming soon!)

Leverage Flexibility

  • Facilitate orders your way with a variety of helpful tools allowing you to control order flow, improve quality and create happy guests.

Gain Insight

  • Access and review consolidated sales reporting that gives you more about your.

Feature Highlights

One App for a Cohesive Experience

  • One simple yet powerful app manages all your third-party orders and online orders through Popmenu.

Automated Order Throttling

  • Control order flow and ensure your kitchen isn't stressed with Order Throttling, which allows delaying and pausing based on conditions that work best for your kitchen.

Granular Order Pausing

  • If you need to get a bit more specific, select the third-party apps you'd like to pause. Simply unpause when you're ready to accept orders again.

86 Items Across Ordering Platforms

  • When you're out of certain dishes, 86 that item in one place and have that information populate across all third-party platforms.

Consolidated Sales Report

  • See the subtotals and details of online orders from your Popmenu website, as well as orders placed through third-party delivery services. Filter by Ordering Platform, Fulfillment Type, Order Type, Location and more to get the data you're looking for.
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Manage both your third-party delivery orders and online orders through Popmenu with just one app
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Save time and ensure accuracy through POS integrations with Clover and Square POS systems
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Control order flow with Order Throttling, allowing you to delay and pause orders based on what's best for your kitchen
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86 items across all third-party ordering platforms when you run out of certain dishes
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Pause your orders across individual third-party delivery partners
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Get consolidated sales reporting details for all your online ordering, including third-party delivery partners
A list of online ordering from Iki Ramen using the Popmenu's dashboard and product.

Upgrading from Otter to OrderNerd has been fantastic and has made our 3rd-party deliveries run more smoothly. OrderNerd is definitely a must-have if you work with multiple delivery companies! We now have much more flexibility and control over our orders and the integration with Square POS has been seamless.

A mockup of Iki Ramen's home web page and a Popmenu client

The Power of Popmenu + OrderNerd

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Interactive Digital Menus

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In-house Online Ordering

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Restaurant Marketing Engine

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Guest and Offer Management

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AI Phone Answering

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Declutter your counters

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Order Flow Control Tools

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POS Integrations

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Consolidated Order Reporting

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