Let your menu do the talking.

mockup of mobile restaurant menu

90% of restaurant website visitors go straight to the menu, but most look elsewhere for validation or photos

Control your online presence while improving search rankings.
Give them everything on your website.

Receive direct feedback from your guests

Stop letting third-party sites get in the way between you and your guests.
Collect one-on-one feedback through our engaging and interactive menu experience.

Screen showing dish details

Utilize online ordering and integrate with delivery & reservation partners

Turn impressions and website sessions into transactions. All through your website.

Integrated with reservation platforms like OpenTable & Resy

Screen showing online ordering
Screen showing online ordering

Keep the conversation going

Guests become followers, followers become fanatics. Track your website traffic, manage your menus, and own all of your communication channels in one place!

Screen showing a restaurant dashboard
Screen showing a restaurant dashboard
Screen showing a restaurant dashboard
Screen showing a restaurant dashboard
Screen showing Online Ordering Management

Marketing your restaurant doesn't have to be difficult, expensive, or managed across multiple platforms

One tool built to save you time so you can focus on what matters most – the guest.

Interior and Logo Terra Terroir
popmenu Case Study

Terra Terroir

Embracing change in light of COVID-19 and placing online ordering and delivery at the front of their business.
“If not for Popmenu’s flexibility and customer service, I don’t know how else I would’ve been able to efficiently restrategize my restaurant business to online ordering and curbside pickup and delivery all while reducing costs and maintaining my staff.”
-Tim Moore, owner at Terra Terroir

Trusted partner of 3,000+ independent, full-service restaurants

“We’ve grown our customer database to over 1,300 loyal customers that we can communicate with directly at any given time using Popmenu's automated email marketing. Today, we now have more reviews on our site than all the third-party sites combined!”

“Popmenu is absolutely amazing! We launched our Popmenu website just before the start of COVID-19 and it proved invaluable. I have to truly say that the Popmenu team and technology is second to none in speed, service and quality. Our Popmenu website is unlocking the potential of our menus and message right before our eyes – and the team is so knowledgeable, caring, and accessible. The service is top notch from the Popmenu leaders, designers, photographers – the entire team is amazing! Thank you Popmenu – we look forward sharing our unique message and story with Popmenu to our community and the entire world!”

“My guests love the social media integration and I love seeing what items or specials they are excited about. Popmenu has reformed my relationships between me and my guests, me and my computer, and has allowed me to spend more time creating a memorable dining experience.”

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