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The Hampton Social averages over 250k in monthly website visitors

It’s no secret that consumers have high expectations when it comes to online experiences. Guests turn to Google first to find, well, anything. They want websites that are easy to navigate, the ability to order items online, high-quality images of what they’re buying…the list goes on. What’s more? These expectations extend across all industries; in fact, 38 percent of restaurant guests will move on to another restaurant if they encounter a poor online ordering experience.

With a lessening tolerance for bad online experiences, restaurants are increasingly tasked with creating more seamless hospitality in a digital space—but, how? We’re glad you asked.

The Hampton Social is a playful, modern coastal-inspired dining experience with multiple locations across Illinois, Tennessee, and Florida. The restaurant is known for its hospitality excellence, hand-crafted cocktails, mouthwatering menus, live music and can’t miss events.

A client with Popmenu since April 2021, the Hampton Social saw the impact of Popmenu early on as the two companies worked together on a website revamp that focused on strengthening the flow of organic traffic, creating an online guest experience that matched on-premise service standards, and executing a digital strategy informed by data.

In just three months with Popmenu, the Hampton Social grew average monthly sessions from 175k to 311k  and nearly doubled the amount of time spent on their website. A year into the partnership, the brand has become a search engine powerhouse, averaging nearly 250k in monthly website sessions (direct and organic traffic) and ranking in the top 10 results for nearly 500 keywords (more than 300 are in the top 3 position).*

SEO has a major impact on the work that we do; given that marketing budgets in hospitality aren’t huge, we put a massive emphasis on [organic and direct traffic]. We also usually see higher returns coming from our organic efforts than paid efforts.”

The Hampton Social has also continued to deepen relationships with guests through an integrated marketing approach that leans on technology to help automate, personalize, and stay top-of-mind while reinforcing a commitment to hospitality excellence.

“We’re always trying to find the balance of human touch and technology; having one system for everything that tracks and executes on emails, SMS, review management, social, events, and website views makes our marketing more streamlined and makes it easier to connect with our guests while staying true to our hospitality values.”

The Hampton Social’s efforts around marketing prove to be successful, with over 77,000 restaurant followers (and growing!) and an email open rate and a click rate nearly 3x and 2x times the industry standard.**

While the restaurant industry is certainly hard to predict, one thing is certain: restaurants—like The Hampton Social—that invest in technology will see long-term success in the form of greater brand visibility and guest volume, increased efficiencies, cost reduction, and more opportunities for revenue generation.

*Data was gathered from, a third-party website tool that is unaffiliated with Popmenu.
**Industry average open and click rates: 19.7% and 1.3%.

Fast Stats

Keywords in 1-3 position*

Avg. monthly website sessions

Keywords in top 10 results*

Time spent on site in minutes

Traffic value of organic keywords*

Before Popmenu






Year 1 with Popmenu






Before statistics were provided by The Hampton Social for their last quarter before launching with Popmenu. After stats are for the May 2021 - March 2022 timeframe. ‘*’Notes a statistic that was gathered from, a third-party website tool that is unaffiliated with Popmenu.

How Popmenu’s dynamic menu supports Hampton Social’s marketing strategy

Menu interactions drive SEO

With Popmenu’s dynamic menu technology, every dish on the menu acts as its own URL and is seen as such by Google—expanding the brand’s digital presence. What’s more? Every new interaction like a new review or an item “pop” (like) boosts the brands visibility within search.

Increased efficiencies and better guest experience

The photos and reviews that live on each dish not only encourage guests to go to the restaurant or to order online, they also help set guest expectations around portion, plating and pricing.

Captures guest data to drive repeat business

Each menu interaction creates an opportunity to capture guest information like name, email, phone, and birthday, and can be used to stay connected and entice guests back again and again.

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