Family-owned restaurant simplifies tech tools and takes profits to new heights

Client spotlight:
Tong Fong Low logo and a Popmenu client.

Tong Fong Low delivers great service to customers and grows revenue with Popmenu

Tong Fong Low has been a family-owned and operated restaurant since 1912. Their traditional, homemade Chinese food is a community favorite, with guest loyalty spanning decades. While the restaurant was using a combination of different solutions for their website and online ordering, they wanted to expand their reach beyond their local community and knew they needed a more comprehensive solution. That's why they chose Popmenu; a robust restaurant marketing platform that includes a website designed to attract more guests, an online ordering solution that earns them more revenue, an automated phone answering system that manages their high call volume, and a marketing service that ensures they're consistently connecting with new and returning guests.

With a full website rebuild and new photography, the restaurant brought its ambiance and delicious menu to life in a digital space—allowing them to better connect with guests online. Using Popmenu's integrations with Square and DoorDash, Tong Fong Low streamlined their multiple ordering systems into one, easy-to-use platform, making them more efficient and growing their revenue substantially. In just three months, the restaurant earned nearly $150,000 from online orders.

The restaurant strengthened their connection with guests at every touch point using Popmenu's AI-powered technology to provide consistent service over the phone and capture every opportunity to drive revenue.

The restaurant also partnered with Popmenu’s consultative marketing service, Boost, to design and implement a more robust marketing strategy. The result? Over $22,000 in sales driven by marketing activities like email, texts, and social media content.

Tong Fong Low uses Popmenu's suite of restaurant technology tools to grow revenue, capture calling guests without disrupting the warm hospitality expected by in-person guests, and stay even more connected to their community.

By the numbers

AI Answering

Total number of calls

Call resolution rate

74 hours
Staff time saved

56 seconds
Average call duration

Calls for online ordering

Boost Marketing

Total marketing attributed revenue

$2,000/36 online orders
Example of high-performing text message

$3,000/44 online orders
Example of high-performing email

20,870 impressions
Total social post reach

Online Ordering

Order revenue in 3 months

Total order volume in 3 months

Average order amount

85% Pickup/15% Delivery
Fulfillment type

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