Manage your restaurant operations on the go with the Popmenu for Owners App

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The power of Popmenu in your pocket keeps your restaurant running smoothly, anywhere you go.

With labor shortages, restaurant managers find themselves on the go more than ever before—and needing to be more efficient outside of the office. The last thing you can afford to be is tied to a desk. Whether it's updating your menu, overseeing your online and delivery orders, responding to reviews, managing your waitlist, or responding to voicemails, you should be able to do these things from any location.

That's why you need the Popmenu for Owners mobile app, which allows you to manage all your important My.Pop operations wherever you are—be it the kitchen, the hostess stand or even a table while you’re grabbing a quick bite.

On average, 70% of all online orders that occur in the platform are managed by clients in the Popmenu for Owners App

Manage your most important revenue related activities with flexibility and ease.

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Back of House

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Manage all your pickup, delivery and catering orders in one place

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Create ordering events, accept orders as they come in, and keep track of order demand and availability

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Front of House

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Add guests to the waitlist, automatically send them a link to the menu, and send them a customized notification when their table is ready

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Monitor and respond to phone calls and voicemails from within your Answering account (requires Popmenu Answering subscription)

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Menu Management

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Update and adjust menu items including changing prices, descriptions, and adding or removing an item from online ordering

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Add or edit photos and videos for all the dishes on your menu or events

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Restaurant Key Performance Indicators

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Answer the voice of your customers by quickly reviewing and approving reviews, and monitoring your email campaigns

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Track the progress and growth of sales, followers, pops and views

Over 67% of restaurant owners/operators spend less than 2 hours at their desk during a typical workday.

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