Hilton Head Restaurant Books Reservations with AI Phone Answering

Client spotlight:

Alfred's Restaurant captures over 600 reservations with Popmenu Answering in 3 Months

After 30 years of working in the restaurant industry, Heath and Linda Prosser bought Alfred’s, a German/European food staple in Hilton Head, SC—fulfilling their dream of running their own restaurant. As excited as they were to get started, their timeline for bringing changes to their business was upended as pandemic lockdowns were put in place just weeks after they purchased the restaurant.

By partnering with Popmenu, the eatery was able to quickly build a website with online ordering to survive dining room closures—and set the stage for ongoing revenue opportunities. Now, with an online menu that features beautiful dish photos, reviews from other guests, and unique URLs for each dish, diners have a better chance of finding Alfred’s online and are given all the information they need to make a dining decision. The interactive menu also creates direct opportunities to capture guest contact information—allowing the team to keep diners engaged with their restaurant.

Since building their site, Alfred’s has increased their organic views per day 20x, far exceeding their initial expectations and cementing technology as a major part of their strategy to grow the restaurant.

The additional attention was exactly what the couple was looking for to expand their business; however, it led to an influx of calls that was difficult to manage. With phones ringing off the hook, the restaurant’s limited staff became increasingly overwhelmed and found it hard to prioritize on-premise guests that needed immediate assistance. Popmenu Answering was an obvious solution for Alfred’s.

With the AI-powered phone answering tool, the team is able to field common questions from guests, such as “where are you located” and “what are your hours” without having to pull a staff member from tables or on-premise guests. The technology also allows them to create custom responses to questions, including the ability to send diners a follow-up link to make a reservation themselves. In addition, Answering labels calls by topic in the Popmenu dashboard, so staff can easily identify priority calls and quickly respond to guests.

“In the last 6 months, I never answered the phones because they're constantly ringing. Answering has been a God send and saved me so much time on the phone.”

With Popmenu Answering, Alfred’s has received fewer complaints from guests about being sent to voicemail and can be confident that when a call does come through, it’s a customer with an urgent need. The European restaurant has proven that by leaning on technology, any restaurant can increase visibility and improve the customer experience without losing their personal touch.

Since launching with AI Answering


Total calls

157 hours

Time saved on the phone


in revenue from reservations

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