Texas Tex-Mex restaurant spices up sales with Popmenu

Client spotlight:

Dos Salsas earns over $440,000 in online sales with Popmenu

Family-owned Tex-Mex restaurant, Dos Salsas, opened its doors in 1999 and has grown to three locations throughout Texas. Introducing fresh fare to a broader audience has been rewarding for the restaurant; however, in the saturated Texas market, the establishment sought innovative ways to distinguish themselves and relieve staff from time-consuming tasks that interrupt their ability to better serve on-premise customers. As restaurant owner, William Plata, puts it, "You want to give great food and great service, but first you have to get people through the door."

Dos Salsas partnered with Popmenu Boost, a people-powered marketing service designed to help busy restaurant owners create and execute an impactful marketing strategy. The restaurant worked with their designated marketing consultant to consistently promote their business to new guests while keeping existing fans hungry for more. In 2023, Popmenu Boost helped the restaurant send more emails than they did in total for the three years prior. These messages had a 44% open rate—double the industry average—and earned the restaurant $30,800 in online sales.

In addition to driving outstanding marketing results, Popmenu Boost recommended Dos Salsas implement online ordering directly on their website. Doing so saved the restaurant commissions from third-party solutions and allowed them to track the revenue earned from marketing communications. The restaurant earned over $440,000 in revenue through first-party online ordering, with email messages contributing to over $55,000 in orders.

Streamlining online orders is just one way Dos Salsas used Popmenu to free their staff up from time-consuming tasks. The restaurant also saw an opportunity to reduce the number of times staff had to interrupt on-premise service to answer the phone. The restaurant welcomed Popmenu AI Answering, an automated phone answering service that fielded over 32,000 calls in 9 months, to their tech stack. The tool pulls information from the restaurant’s website and Google Business Profile to answer guests’ questions and text diners a link to place an online order or make a reservation. In total, the technology has saved staff over 240 hours on the phone.

“Orders and reservations are the two biggest things people call us for, so AI Answering has been a lifesaver, especially at our locations where we have a lot of to-go volume. I notice how much less time my staff spends on the phone, instead focusing on other, more pressing things.”

The biggest takeaway for the restaurant is that having all these tools available in one platform creates a seamless experience for both their employees and their guests. By alleviating pressure on their staff and consistently connecting with their diners, they can reach their goals and see their three locations thrive.

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