Rhode Island Sandwich Shop Stacks Up Profits with Popmenu

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Ocean State Sandwich Co. experiences a flood of growth and improved marketing with Popmenu

Ocean State Sandwich Company in Providence, Rhode Island is dedicated to providing guests an array of locally-sourced meals that balance healthy and indulgent offerings. After closing for a few months during the pandemic, Ocean State partnered with Popmenu to provide a fresh website and new photography for their reopening…and quickly realized that leveraging the platform’s robust online ordering and marketing capabilities would be their secret weapon to achieving their goal of reaching pre-pandemic sales.

One of the immediate benefits the sandwich shop saw when partnering with Popmenu was the significant cost savings on online orders. In contrast to the high commission rates imposed by third-party online ordering platforms (with rates as high as 30%), the integration of Popmenu with Doordash allowed the restaurant to keep the ordering experience on their own website and choose whether to pass applicable fees onto customers. This prevented smaller orders from being sold at a loss and meant that Ocean State didn’t lose any of the $195k they earned in online ordering revenue throughout 2022 to third-party commissions. Additionally, having their marketing and online ordering seamlessly connected on a single platform meant the restaurant had insight into how their communications with guests impacts their revenue.

Popmenu’s suite of overviews offers a unique advantage to single-location, family-owned businesses like Ocean State by connecting website management, online ordering and marketing tools in a single platform and providing a comprehensive view into how different tools translate into earnings. For example, the marketing overview shows how the sandwich shop’s marketing activities are directly earning online ordering revenue, helping to inform future campaigns. In fact, since launching with the platform, the restaurant has netted nearly $42k in online ordering from their marketing efforts, with $17k of that being driven by automated emails sent via Popmenu.

The overview also provides a detailed breakdown of essential data points, including email open rates, click-through rates, and top-performing messages. These tangible results not only make Ocean State smarter in their marketing endeavors, but also offer a clear understanding of which communications resonate the most with their guests. Their success in the pursuit of impactful marketing is proven with the restaurant’s 15.5% online ordering conversion rate, significantly higher than the restaurant industry’s average of 3%.

“Being able to see that direct return on investment, which is just my monthly fee to Popmenu, it’s priceless. I’ve got everything I need all under one platform that helps me grow my business.”

Thanks to the savings with first-party online ordering and valuable marketing insights with Popmenu, Ocean State Sandwich Company has experienced remarkable growth without having to invest a significant amount of time. They're just one of over 10,000 restaurants that are using Popmenu to drive sales and save time for their business. Schedule a free demo with one of our experts to learn how you can do the same for your restaurant!

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