Peruvian hotspot drives freakin' good results with Popmenu

Client spotlight:

Popmenu helps The Freakin Incan stay in control, in touch, and in the green

Originally established as a food truck, The Freakin Incan has brought an authentic taste of Peru to the Roswell, GA community since 2014. After quickly expanding into a full brick-and-mortar restaurant in 2015, The Freakin Incan has seen success year after year—even in the face of industry challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Since partnering with Popmenu at the start of 2020, The Freakin Incan has continued to thrive—revamping its food truck business, planning for an additional location, and hitting record-breaking annual revenue numbers.

The Freakin Incan quickly saw the value of Popmenu in the ease of use and more streamlined operations—with menu and website updates only taking minutes instead of hours or days. What’s more? The transition to and training on the Popmenu platform was painless for owner/operator Mikiel Arnold and his staff.

“My previous website was run through a local customer. Anything we tried to do with him, there was always a delay. We weren’t in control of our website the way we are now with the dashboard and the ability to change things, and it was fairly easy to get used to the site. I did a lot of stuff on my own and I was able to train my managers quickly too.”

The restaurant also attributes its ongoing success to a more streamlined online ordering experience that’s easy on restaurant operations and guests.

“Before Popmenu, our online ordering was clunky; it was slow and it didn’t look good. We saw a huge difference and growth in online ordering after we switched to Popmenu—Covid certainly helped with some of that but it’s clear that [off-premise dining] is here to stay.”

The restaurant earned nearly $100k in direct online order revenue, serving up nearly 2,000 to-go orders over the last two years. In addition to online orders, The Freakin Incan’s website helps drive guests to the restaurant through Google search—averaging 6k+ in free traffic to the website last month—and keeps them connected with a growing list of 1,300+ restaurant regulars.

“The marketing features are nice and help us keep in touch with our customers. I definitely feel like the website and Popmenu allow us to be in closer contact and communicate what’s going on in the restaurant with our guests more often and in real-time.”

As The Freakin Incan continues to grow as a business and deepen its roots in the community, the local favorite for authentic Peruvian cuisine continues to show that the restaurants that lean into technology are setting the foundation for long-term success.

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