Two years of tremendous revenue growth

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Ocean Deli increases average monthly online ordering revenue by $47k

Ocean Deli Pizza has been a Wallops Island (VA) community favorite for nearly 40 years, and before 2020, the restaurant operated strictly through pick-up orders and on-premise dining. 

“Online ordering was never part of the business or revenue stream, but we wanted to do right by our customers during the pandemic.” 

After an extended trial run with another online ordering provider, Ocean Deli switched to Popmenu's platform and, in just two months, saw double the number of online orders coming through the site and an increase in daily website visitors from 50-60 to over 1,000. Now, two years later, the restaurant is still growing. In the two years of partnering with Popmenu, Ocean Deli has seen a steady incline in daily website visitors, exponential growth in revenue from online ordering, a 76 percent increase in average online ticket size, and an accumulation of over 5,500 followers. 

“Some days, we’re hitting around 2,000 website views, and in a smaller town with a population of 7,000, that’s wild.”

For 8-10 years, we were a 2 million dollar business; now with Popmenu, we’re a 3.1 million dollar business—and 2023 is trending to be even more.
Pavlos Tiftikidis | Co-owner of Ocean Deli Pizza

Direct online ordering now makes up roughly 20 percent of Ocean Deli’s revenue, with weekly reports showing an average of $15k in sales per week from online orders, but Ocean Deli is still looking to grow revenue by attracting new guests and increasing the frequency of visits from existing regulars. Enter: Popmenu Boost. Ocean Deli has been partnering with Popmenu’s supplementary marketing service for nearly 18 months, focusing on executing a strategy that uses marketing tools like automated and custom emails, text messages, and offers & discounts that drive guests toward following, ordering, and reviewing. 

“Right now, we have three different 5% off offers attached to automated emails rewarding loyalty and encouraging email sign-ups and reviews—we’ve earned over $6k from that offer, and it’s only cost us $300.” 

What’s more? The restaurant’s previous VIP signup offer (10% off the first order) earned the restaurant over $19k in revenue and only cost the restaurant $1k in discounts. As Ocean Deli enters its third year with Popmenu, the restaurant plans to continue leaning into technology and double down on activities that grow its follower base and online ordering revenue.    

“What’s so exciting about 2023 is we have just scratched the surface in leveraging our technology with Popmenu.  We almost got to $600,000 in online order revenue in 2022 and are looking forward to implementing new processes to get that number closer to $1,000,000.  It’s doable to us because we have gotten our customers accustomed to the process and captured more of the market share in the area because of how we reach our guests.”

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Two years w/ Popmenu







Popmenu has helped our operations tremendously with more online orders coming in, keeping us more efficient, allowing us to change prices on the fly, and the list goes on. Not only has it helped more sales come in, but Popmenu has also helped us cut costs in a big way.

Andy Tiftikidis | Co-owner of Ocean Deli Pizza
A tablet showing the Ocean Deli Special pizza with tasty photos, reviews and the option to start an online order
A tablet showing the Ocean Deli Greek Stromboli with tasty photos, reviews and the option to start an online order
A tablet showing the Ocean Deli Linguini Alfredo with tasty photos, reviews and the option to start an online order

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