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Ocean Deli Pizza partners with Popmenu and doubles online orders in two months

After running Ocean Deli, a casual deli and pizza shop for 34 years, owner Andy Tiftikidis was hesitant to add a new "ingredient" to his already successful restaurant. However, at the outset of 2020 they were ready to grow their business by increasing their online presence and finding new customers. Their first technology partner, a third-party online ordering service, did OK. Sales grew 5%. But that came with the sacrifice - lack of control of their website and lack of data around their customers.

Enter Popmenu. Andy's team instantly recognized the value of not only having direct ordering on Ocean Deli's site, but also having digital tools that speak to each other to create promotions, price changes, and gain more traffic through the built-in SEO and ADA compliance.

In just two months of using Popmenu, Ocean Deli Pizza doubled their online orders and increased their website visitors by 900%.

Year over year, we were always a $1.6 - $1.7 million-dollar business. Now, after just six months with Popmenu, we are trending to an over $2 million-dollar business in sales.
Andy Tiftikidis | Owner of Ocean Deli Pizza

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Popmenu has helped our operations tremendously with more online orders coming in, keeping us more efficient, allowing us to change prices on the fly, and the list goes on. Not only has it helped more sales come in, but Popmenu has also helped us cut costs in a big way.

Andy Tiftikidis | Owner of Ocean Deli Pizza