Atlanta Bakery Doubles Online Ordering Value

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Henri’s Partners with Popmenu to Expand Online Ordering Capabilities

Established in 1929, Henri’s Bakery & Deli has delivered sweet treats to the city of Atlanta for over 90 years. In 2016, President & Owner, Anthony DiNardo, took over the bakery with the goal of sharing his great-grandfather’s legacy of generosity and commitment to the community on a larger scale.

Throw together a pandemic and labor shortage—among other industry challenges—and growing a restaurant can feel nearly impossible. The team at Henri’s knew they had to leverage the right technology tools that would encourage growth and allow them to effectively manage orders while maintaining the personal touch that Henri’s is known for among guests. That’s why they partnered with Popmenu.

Henri’s is committed to delivering an online experience that’s as close to their in-person experience as possible. Their online menus feature dish photos of all their holiday-themed baked goods, providing customers with a virtual “display counter” to browse before they make a purchase. Guests can also place orders directly from the online menus, keeping them from getting pushed to a third-party website. What’s more? Henri’s uses ordering events—part of the online ordering tool—to offer special holiday menus, generate awareness through built-in communication tools, and track demand and availability.

The team leverages different marketing channels to engage guests, from email marketing and pop-up announcements on their website to building campaigns around ordering events using social media posts. All of which can be managed from the Popmenu dashboard.

How direct online ordering and ordering events drive more revenue for Henri's

In keeping online ordering direct, Henri’s saves on third-party ordering fees and owns guest data from every order; that data is used to stay top-of-mind and invite guests back again and again.

By utilizing ordering events during high-volume times, guests are not rushed into purchases and can spend time with the menuand Henri's increases their average order value.

By offering ordering events, Henri’s has added yet another revenue stream to on-premise dining and online ordering. The business has seen 627 orders and earned over $40k in revenue through ordering events alone.

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Henri's Bakery easter bunny cake Henri's bakery King Cake with streamers and decorations Small baked goods with a shamrock, leprechaun hat and coin on themAssortment of baked goods with Valentine decorations on them

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