New York Ice Cream Shop Nearly Doubles Online Ordering Revenue While They Were Supposed to Be Closed

Client spotlight:
2 Scoops Ice Cream Logo

Normally on hiatus throughout the winter, 2 Scoops saw an opportunity to bring in revenue during the off-season while also warming guests' hearts. Using Popmenu's Ordering Events, the Hamburg, NY creamery offered guests an opportunity to order and pick up delicious ice cream cakes to celebrate Valentine's Day. The team was able to inform guests of the holiday special through email, social posts, and website announcements, collect payment in advance, track demand, and notify guests when to pick up their order. The cherry on top? 2 Scoops sold out their ice cream cakes in one single weekend, earning them 1.8x more revenue in 3 days than they earned in 3 months of regular online orders.

The Impact of Ordering Events with Popmenu

Online Orders

Ordering Events

Total Orders

120 over 3 months

220 in 72 hours

Total Revenue



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