Bay Area pizzeria earns a larger slice of revenue with Popmenu

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GIOIA Pizzeria deepened understanding of customers while increasing  online ordering revenue by partnering with Popmenu

GIOIA Pizzeria is a popular restaurant in the Bay Area known for delicious New York Style pizza made with fresh, local ingredients. When looking for a better way to manage their online business and customer relationships for their Berkeley and San Francisco shops, they turned to Popmenu. By utilizing Popmenu’s suite of tools, including first-party online ordering, AI-powered phone answering, and Popmenu’s marketing consulting service, Boost, GIOIA was able to easily manage their restaurant’s online presence, engage guests in a meaningful way, and grow sales—earning over $1,000,000 in first-party online ordering revenue in 2023.

With physical space being the pizzeria’s biggest operational challenge, GIOIA needs to be able to efficiently manage the influx of orders during busy times. By hosting first-party online ordering through Popmenu, the restaurant gains more control over order intake—limiting third-party online orders when order volume is high and avoiding hefty commissions—without sacrificing sales opportunities. The benefits of first-party online ordering extend beyond financial savings, as it allows the restaurant to establish a more personalized relationship with their guests and better understand how marketing efforts impact ordering activity.

For every first-party order placed, GIOIA captures valuable customer contact and preference information that can be used to guide targeted marketing campaigns. Additionally, the marketing overview—part of Popmenu’s suite of marketing ROI dashboards—shows the direct connection between marketing activity and ordering revenue earned. With this data, the pizzeria can easily get a sense of what channels and messaging work, what doesn’t, and can use these learnings to improve the effectiveness of their marketing moving forward.

To further capitalize on the benefits of first-party online ordering, GIOIA utilizes Popmenu AI Answering to automatically direct guests from the phone lines to their online ordering system. This ensures they never miss a sale and improves the overall guest experience without pulling staff away from serving on-premise customers.

"If we answer a call where someone is asking if we’re open or closed, that could mean we’re missing a $200 sale on the other line. [With Popmenu AI Answering], we can direct people to online ordering, collect their contact information, and continue to fill out a profile on them. It saves us labor and it saves us time."

In addition to automating responses to common questions from guests, AI Answering streamlines the online ordering process. By inviting guests to place an order themselves with a link to GIOIA's first-party online ordering, the restaurant can provide faster service, ensure more accurate orders, and grow their database of contacts for marketing.

GIOIA sought out the strategic partnership of the Popmenu Boost team for both their proven ability to execute on marketing tactics and their expertise in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with the restaurant's unique brand and voice. Boost's team of seasoned professionals draws on their extensive experience working with restaurants nationwide to provide tailored recommendations for targeted email and social media campaigns that deliver fast results and help GIOIA achieve its long-term goals. In their first six months with Popmenu Boost, the pizzeria has seen a 14% increase in average online ordering revenue, from $76k to $87k in monthly revenue, and, of the guests that visit their website, 13.5% place an online order, surpassing the industry average by 10.5%. While 13.5% might not seem like much, that translates into hundreds or thousands of more online ordering revenue earned per day over the average website depending on the number of visitors.

GIOIA’s partnership with Popmenu has made it easy for the restaurant to grow their revenue, deepen their understanding of impactful marketing, and improve the experience diners have when engaging with their restaurant online, in-person, or over the phone. By combining Popmenu’s first-party online ordering, AI Answering, and Boost services, the pizzeria has uncovered a recipe for success that lets them deliver a delicious pizza experience for locals with a side of efficient and effective business management.



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in first-party online ordering revenue in 2023

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