Software that works together as well as your ingredients do.

Get more done when you simplify your technology tools to save time, streamline operations, and refocus attention on your guests.


Your tech solutions should talk to one another.

Intense manual effort should be reserved for your hand-crafted menu items. Developing integrations with best-in-class tools is our priority, so we can help you realize time savings, increased order accuracy and additional revenue.

Save Time

Skip manual data entry and avoid the back-and-forth of working from two disconnected systems.

Increase Accuracy

Rest easier knowing your software systems are speaking the same language and reflecting the same information.

Grow Revenue

Syncing all your vital tech tools unlocks your ability to drive more repeat business and additional profit.

When considering new tech, 65% of restaurant operators focus mainly on a solution’s ability to integrate with other systems.
Hospitality Technology 2021 Survey

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Payments + POS

As the central nervous system of your restaurant, your POS is a vital component to the daily operations of your restaurant. Popmenu integrates with many of the most trusted POS systems in the industry. And we’ve got plans to expand this list, so stay tuned!


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Marketing + Social Media

Stay top of mind and engage with your guests through popular social and tech channels, without leaving the Popmenu platform.

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Get delivery orders out while enjoying a negotiated flat fee versus a hefty, industry-standard commission percentage, ultimately protecting your profitability.

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Stay connected with the other solutions that help you serve your guests. Popmenu enables the use of embed code to integrate with your existing reservation, event management, and ordering tools.

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Illustration showing restaurant printer solutions


Get orders to the back of house as quickly as possible. Popmenu integrates with Star TSP Series printers so your kitchen doesn’t miss one detail.

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