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We are one of the fastest growing restaurant tech companies in the U.S. And, we’re looking to actively partner with the leading providers in categories like point of sale, consulting, food & beverage, back office, guest facing tech and more.

Popmenu is a menu-driven platform that centralizes a restaurant's digital operations—from website design and menu management, to online ordering and marketing.

Client Success: Taqueria Picoso

Results after...

4 months with Popmenu
$36k+ in commission-free direct ordering sales
4,000+ new website visitors
285+ new website followers
1 year with Popmenu
$243k+ in commission-free direct ordering sales
48,000+ new website visitors
1,500+ new website followers

We don’t have a budget to pay for advertising, so we make good use of all the included Popmenu messaging and marketing. We look at what people say on the menu, and then we’ll directly email them and say ‘Hey, we know you love the birria taco, here’s a 10% discount for you to come try it again—or maybe try something else!

Popmenu is a Full Funnel Solution

Website Design & Management
Highly Performant SEO Structure
Contactless Menu
Real-time Menu Update Capability
Google Business Profile
Popmenu Answering
Dynamic, Interactive Menu Experience
Direct Calls to Action and a Clear Path to Purchase
1st Party Dish Reviews
Online Ordering & Delivery
Group Offers
Contactless Payment
OrderNerd powered by Popmenu
POS Integrations
Review Response Management
Email & SMS Marketing Tools
Integrated Social
Guest Information Capture & Analytics

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Join Popmenu and our partners in innovation by helping restaurants grow through simplifying operations and cutting costs, while expanding their digital footprint and generating more revenue fast!

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From insightful talks on the latest industry trends to networking opportunities, our in-person and virtual events showcase the very best of our partner network!

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