Online Ordering Pays Off Big for Popular Steakhouse

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B&B brings in over $450k in revenue with Popmenu

In the last two years, adaptability has been the name of the game for the restaurant industry. The COVID pandemic has forced restaurants to re-evaluate revenue streams and the way they interact with guests, with over half of restaurants (54%) implementing online ordering for their restaurant(s).* B&B Butchers and Restaurants is one such example.

B&B is one of seven concepts under the Berg Hospitality Group—a Houston-based restaurant group with a strong passion for the industry. Each of the group’s restaurant concepts focuses on offering excellent service, unique atmospheres, and unparalleled experiences for guests—that goes for online as well as on-premise.

In an effort to continue to deliver on standards of guest experience during a global pandemic, B&B took to expanding its online ordering from one-off, select-menu ordering events, to an everyday option so that guests could continue to satisfy their savory steakhouse cravings.

What B&B implemented to survive has now become a significant part of how the restaurant operates and serves its guests—and with 63 percent of guests ordering food online at least twice a week*, there’s no plan to change course.

“Guests have gotten used to ordering online from their favorite restaurants—they don’t feel like going out, but they want to eat good food.”

Restaurants that continue to lean into the hybrid on-/off-premise service model and provide easy-to-navigate, interactive, visually-engaging online experiences for guests, will continue to attract them at higher volumes, drive order values, and encourage repeat visits from restaurant regulars.

Since expanding their online order offering, B&B has seen a total of 2,325 orders come through their restaurant and butcher shop, bringing in over $450k in revenue—that’s not including on-premise diners! And, as uncertainty still looms for the industry, one thing is certain for B&B: online ordering is here to stay.

How Popmenu partners with B&B Butchers & Restaurants to drive ordering success

Technology that talks to each other

Popmenu’s integration with B&B’s POS system (Toast) allows for a direct and friction-free experience that lets guests order directly from the restaurant’s visual and interactive online menu.

Simplified online order reporting

Keeping online ordering directly on the menu and website means B&B owns its ordering data and can easily access end-of-day sales reports from one singular system.

Menus that make a mouth water

Menu items with photos receive 2x as many orders—so what does it mean when every dish on your menu shows off its deliciousness? B&B lets the menu speak for itself.

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