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In 2019, Terra Terroir knew it had to make investments in expanding its digital footprint to attract more guests online. They had been working with third-party web developers to manage the website, which meant that updating anything on the website (menu, hours, specials, events, etc.) was far from simple and fast. This often led to out-of-date offerings on the website, as well as a lack of flexibility when it came to executing on new ideas that could help grow the business.
Enter: Popmenu.

Since launching with Popmenu in early 2020, Terra Terroir has gained control over more than just the website. With an easy-to-access and user-friendly website builder, interactive menu with photos and reviews that live on each dish, and entire suite of marketing tools, Terra Terroir owns its digital presence and relationships with guests.

What made a difference?

Popmenu's intuitive, all-in-one dashboard allows the Terra Terroir team to make adjustments on-the-fly to the website and menu—reducing inconsistencies and ensuring guest expectations are aligned with restaurant offerings. Plus, the clear VIP signup and interactive menu turns the restaurant's new website and menu into a tool to capture key guest information like name, email and phone number.

With Popmenu's included suite of marketing tools, Terra Terroir now has multiple avenues for connecting and communicating with guests to drive business: website announcements, email, promotions, text message, and automated smart email messages that send based on a guest's behavior—so Terra Terroir is active in the conversation with guests at the times when they're most engaged (e.g., right after ordering/dining in). The best part? The conversation isn't one-sided. Live reviews living on individual dishes creates immediate feedback with guests and provides the team insight into which menu items are the must haves and which can be swapped out when necessary.

The guest experience continues to extend beyond the four walls of restaurants and businesses like Terra Terroir know that meeting guest expectations online will continue to be an important part of the formula for long-term success.

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