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…and makes the most of marketing during the holiday season!

Hail Mary’s Food & Drink is a fan-favorite sports bar located in Westlake, Ohio. Driven by a passion for good food and great service, the restaurant opened in early 2018, fulfilling the role of a community anchor and creating a place where people feel a sense of belonging.

In 2019, they partnered with Popmenu to bring technology into its service model, making it easier to stay visible to customers and connect with the Westlake community. In the last four and a half years, Hail Mary’s has seen continued success in the form of MoM growth in online and on-premise sales, an increased number of restaurant VIP sign-ups and social media followers, and the launch of two new concepts: Salty Mary’s Oyster Bar & Tavern (opened July 2022) and Smokin’ Mary’s BBQ Pit & Saloon (opened October 2022).

Photo of Megan Novak from Hail Mary's Food & Drink

Hail Mary’s knows the importance of staying connected and it does so through a variety of marketing channels, from email, text, and social media, to in-person and ordering events that benefit the surrounding community.

“We’re staying top-of-mind; when we send people an email or text and remind them we’re here, we don’t even have to discount, they’ll just come in [or order]. It’s about taking advantage of opportunities to [reach out]. I pay attention to national days that tie to our menu and we highlight our customers across social—it’s about bringing that community-mindedness to the digital space.”

What’s more? In early 2022, Hail Mary’s made a more intentional investment around marketing, ensuring that content and strategy were on-brand and fit with overarching business goals. Enter: Boost—Popmenu’s consultative marketing service. Now, Hail Mary’s has a partner in building an effective marketing strategy that continues to drive guest engagement and loyalty, strengthen online ordering, and implements creative and consistent content for email, text and social marketing channels.

“We love Boost…it makes a huge difference in the quality of [content] that I can push out and takes some of the stress off of planning and creating. It’s been really helpful to have a partner and a bit of extra marketing support, especially when things get hectic for us.”

With the holiday season in full swing, Hail Mary’s busiest time of the year is here—and the restaurant is capitalizing on every opportunity to invite guests in. So, whether it’s a delicious picture of a fall French Onion Dip, a social media reminder to bring Hail Mary’s home for a night off from cooking, an email offering $3 brews during the big game, an event invite to the annual Christmas Cornhole Tournament fundraiser, or a tasty tease for National Pierogi Day, Mary’s makes certain that guests always know what’s going on at their favorite neighborhood bar.

Since partnering with Popmenu & Popmenu Boost

Hail Mary’s has seen a 600+ increase in Instagram followers and engagement metrics continuously in the green.

The restaurant has gained over 1,100 new guest emails and phone numbers since January.

The business has surpassed total online order revenue from 2021 with three months left in 2022!

Photo of Megan Novak from Hail Mary's Food & Drink
A tablet with a preview of reviews on a Hail Mary's menu item
A tablet preview of reviews on a Hail Mary's menu item
A tablet preview of reviews on a Hail Mary's menu item

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