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We know restaurants because we love restaurants—they are the places where we spend a night off or a night out; where we toast to celebrations; where we reconnect and lose ourselves in mouthwatering meals and across-the-table conversations. We believe in the importance of our local favorites—and as the need for technology continues to rise, we’ve made it our mission to partner with restaurants and help them navigate the unknown.

We started with our now-patented, dynamic menu experience that unleashes the power of a restaurant’s greatest marketing tool: the menu. Since then, Popmenu has continued to partner at eye-level with restaurants to create easy-to-use restaurant technology solutions that attract and engage guests, drive more transactions, and build long-term guest loyalty. All that to say—we’re here to help.

Let’s tackle the next industry challenge together.

Our journey

The whole story of Popmenu has always been listening to restaurants—hearing their challenges and resolving them through approachable technology and a strong sense of empathy.

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We started with our dynamic menu technology that brings food front-and-center, allowing guest reviewing and 'liking' on each dish, and keeping hungry, potential guests engaged with the restaurant.
As we spent more time with restaurants, they showed us they needed more than just better menus. We went deeper than the "look" and guest experience—optimizing the menu to attract more guests through search, and redesigning websites to be a true transaction driver for restaurants.
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We built automated marketing tools that keep restaurants connected with guests and ensure their menu is top-of-mind when meal time rolls around—because we believe you don't need a formal loyalty program to build a loyal fanbase.
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With the menu, website and marketing covered, the next step to supporting clients was in building a direct ordering solution that streamlines the guest journey and removes hefty third-party ordering commissions.
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Four years after our inception, we're still asking "how?" How can we help solve more problems? How can we help simplify? How can we reduce costs?

We like to think we’re just getting started.

Trusted by over 10,000+ restaurants (and counting!)

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When you start looking at other restaurant websites and menus, it's kind of unbelievable that more people don't use Popmenu. It's been such a benefit for us and certainly will be a benefit for the rest of the restaurant world.

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