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4 SinglePlatform Competitors that Make it Easy to Manage Your Online Menu

Looking for SinglePlatform competitors for online menu management and more? This is the only ultimate guide restaurants need.

If your restaurant has looked into online menu management tools, odds are you’ve come across SinglePlatform (and SinglePlatform competitors, like Popmenu).

In the digital age, it’s become increasingly necessary for restaurants to have a menu management tool. These days, 80 percent of restaurant searches are made on mobile devices, so when guests have to click through multiple pages or pinch and zoom to read tiny text on a PDF menu, they’re not having the best possible restaurant experience.

In fact, the average guest spends just 15 seconds on a PDF menu before navigating elsewhere. That’s not a long time spent considering your restaurant. 

With a consistent, dynamic menu experience, you can give guests a better way to view your menu and increase the probability that they’ll choose your restaurant over your competition. But to offer that, you need the right tools—here’s what you need to know.

Top Menu Management Tools: SinglePlatform vs Popmenu

Two of the top menu management tools available now are SinglePlatform and Popmenu. Let’s see how they compare in the features and value they offer restaurants.

When it comes to online menu management, both SinglePlatform and Popmenu are powerful tools. They both give you the ability to easily manage online menus and keep track of valuable analytics—like who is finding your menu and how. 

But Popmenu is an all-in-one tool that simply offers more. In addition to dynamic online menus that are extra visual, interactive and mobile-friendly, Popmenu gives you the ability to turn your online menu into a physical one to use in your restaurant. This ensures that your menus are all consistent. It’s not clear if SinglePlatform offers this.

When it comes to managing your restaurant’s online presence, there’s so much more to consider than just menus; and luckily, Popmenu does more than just menu management. 

Increasingly, customers are using technology (specifically their phones) to discover and order from restaurants. That means you also need a mobile friendly website. Popmenu offers this to all customers—with SinglePlatform, it’s only available with their highest tier premium plan.

You need to be able to offer online ordering for your guests. Popmenu includes this directly though your website—SinglePlatform can distribute your menu to online ordering sites and apps, but doesn’t help you facilitate your own orders from your menu.

And in an era of overwhelming choice, digital marketing is an essential part of running a successful restaurant. Popmenu has a ton of tools for this, including scheduled posting to your social media sites and automated remarketing that turns those first-time guests into regulars. SinglePlatform only offers social posting with more expensive premium plans, and doesn’t offer automated remarketing at all.

There’s a theme here: Everything a modern restaurant needs to create and manage a digital presence is included with Popmenu. With other platforms, you have to pay more to get all the tools you need.

SinglePlatform Competitors vs Popmenu

We know Popmenu isn’t the only SinglePlatform competitor on the market, and you’re likely considering other tools, too. So let’s see how they stack up.

Like SinglePlatform, all these tools offer some useful features for modern restaurants—especially when it comes to menu management. But modern restaurants need more. 

What they don’t need is a bunch of different tools each handling different technology needs that they then have to try to make work together. They don’t need to pay for add-ons, plug-ins and premium features—they just need a tool that does it all under one platform with one login. 

That tool is Popmenu.

Popmenu is the Only All-in-One Digital Solution for Restaurants

Not only is Popmenu a great choice for menu management — it also does much more than that.

Here are just some of the features Popmenu offers for modern restaurants:

  • Menu management (including multi-location menu management and a physical menu designer)
  • Native iOS and Android client apps
  • Website management
  • Online ordering
  • Third-party delivery integration
  • Google My Business integration
  • Automated remarketing to guests
  • Digital gift card creation
  • Events calendars
  • QR codes
  • Native email support
  • Mass SMS
  • Scheduled social posting
  • Offers and promo code generation
  • Dish photos
  • Dish reviews
  • Reservations
  • Waitlisting

More importantly, Popmenu users get all of those features for one small monthly fee. There are no premium memberships. No add-ons. No plug-ins or APIs. Just one comprehensive and affordable tool that offers everything restaurants need.

Popmenu is a platform that was built after listening to real restaurant owners about what they actually need. We make it easy to create and manage your restaurant’s entire digital presence all from one place.

And what’s even better is we know that added fees and premium pricing plans are a major barrier for restaurants that need comprehensive technology tools. That’s why we don’t have any build or setup fees. We have no hidden fees. Our online ordering is commission-free. You pay one monthly rate for everything Popmenu offers—and it never goes up.

Popmenu Is How Modern Restaurants Control Their Entire Digital Presence — From First Impression to Final Transaction

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