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Why online ordering POS integrations are a necessity

Connecting restaurant technology is a necessity for streamlining your staff and serving your guests—learn more about the importance of online ordering POS integration.

Whether it’s between servers and customers, your FOH and BOH staff, or your different technologies, communication is key to running a restaurant. And, while we know technology is certainly not the reason you started in this industry, it has become a necessity for running your business—and so has integration. 

What is integration?” you ask. Integration is exactly what it sounds like: it’s things that combine; connect; fit together; things that integrate. The most efficient restaurants don’t just embrace technology, they also ensure that their digital tools are working together. That means everything from the website and social media to online ordering and the POS system is connected.

Now, Every restaurant’s investment in technology is different, but there is one key piece of technology that every restaurant uses: a point-of-sale (POS) system. Most modern POS’s not only tender transactions, they also support inventory management and reporting and analytics.  The POS acts as an anchor in restaurant operations; so, integration of the POS with other technologies has become increasingly important. In fact, 50% of restaurant owners and operators surveyed by Popmenu this year said they integrate their POS with their online menu and ordering. The flip side of that? 50% of owners do not.

Integrating your POS system with other technologies—especially online menus and online ordering systems—helps ensure accuracy, save time, reduce labor stress, grow revenue, and create a seamless guest experience. How? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Ensure Accuracy

According to a survey by Popmenu, 57% of restaurants say inaccuracy or inefficiency are the biggest challenges of manual order entry; and with rising industry shortages and intense competition, mistaken orders and service missteps cost more than they used to. When POS systems integrate with ordering systems, it inputs the order straight from the guest selection to the printed ticket in the kitchen—cutting down on the need for servers to manually type in online orders and reducing the potential for human error.

Save Time on Updating

Having an integrated POS helps restaurant owners be more efficient—and in this industry, efficiency = time, and time = money!

Think about when you make a change to your menu/offerings—maybe you’ve run out of something or you’re trying to push a special for the evening; how long does it take to make those updates across all your technologies? Chances are you’re updating the POS and inventory for your staff, and the website, online menu, and online ordering system for your guests. Well, what if everything could be updated at the same time by updating your source of truth? Your POS system.

95% of restaurant owners agree technology improves the efficiency of their business, and integrating those technologies helps even more. POS integration consolidates the number of places, tools, and platforms that need updating when a small change is made—just one quick tweak in the POS translates to an updated menu offering online for guests ordering to-go.

Reduce labor stress

Remember above when we said that POS integrations reduce errors from manual entry? Well reducing the need for manual entry also reduces additional stress on your staff. When online orders are automatically injected into the POS, it frees up servers to spend more time tending to tables and less time transcribing online orders into the POS for the kitchen.

Streamline guest experience online and off-premise

Integrating your POS and online ordering system not only makes things easier on staff, but also guests. With 63% of guests saying they order carryout/delivery at least twice a week, online ordering has become a primary way restaurants serve guests. POS integrations allows for that online experience mirror your on-premise service standards.

When online menus and ordering link with the POS, guests placing an order are able to stay on the restaurant’s menu page instead of being redirected to a clunky third-party ordering system. With direct online ordering, restaurants control the ordering experience and capture more guest data that can be used for more personalized remarketing. What’s more? All the benefits in reducing labor stress means staff attention is where it should be—on the guests dining in!

Popmenu Online Ordering + POS Integration = Time, Accuracy, and a Seamless and for Guests!

Technology that talks to each other is crucial for long-term success; but connection is sometimes easier said than done—not all technology speaks the same language after all. Popmenu’s all-in-one platform includes all the technology you need—beautiful, mobile-friendly website, interactive menu, direct online ordering, marketing tools, and more—and connect them with your POS to ensure your restaurant is running smoothly. Check out our growing list of integrations and schedule a demo with our team to learn more about how Popmenu is making restaurants more efficient.

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