Delivery without the commissions

Utilize Popmenu's partner delivery network to take your food to your guests with a flat fee instead of the 30% commissions.

Skip the commissions
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In 2019, 1.17 billion people globally used food ordering and delivery services. Then, in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of global users surged by 30%, to nearly 1.5 billion. Experts now think that there will be 2 billion global food delivery service users by 2024.

Your guests deserve a better online experience

Guests choosing to dine at home does not appear to be changing soon. While dining rooms are gaining momentum, many guests are still choosing the comfort of home for their dining experiences. Meet your guests where they are while controlling the delivery experience with your own team.

Popmenu's direct online ordering serves guests your most up-to date menus, mouthwatering photos, specials and a flat $6.99 delivery fee which you can split or pass on to guests—instead of a 30% commission. Once an order is placed, a driver will be paired with the order and sent your way!

Own your restaurant's story—and your guest contact info

You're ready to meet your guests at home, but don't have a fleet of vehicles to take your food to the masses. But that's ok, because Popmenu does. We've partnered with Doordash to utilize their delivery network to bring your guests the meals they crave—without the commissions.

At Popmenu, we believe that orders your site creates should keep more margins in your restaurant and that you should receive your customers' data. That way, you can remind them to come back any time.

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"When you start looking at other restaurant websites and menus, it's kind of unbelievable that more people don't use Popmenu. It's been such a benefit for us and certainly will be a benefit for the rest of the restaurant world."

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