AI at your service.

Save time and stay connected to guests with intelligent and custom-fit automation.

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Tech that helps you do more without adding more to your plate.

Don't miss a phone call—or potential revenue—with AI-powered technology that answers your phone 24/7, 365 days a year for just $0.47 cents/hour.

Attract more guests and grow revenue with an AI-generated marketing strategy and content unique to your restaurant.

Save time creating scroll-stopping social posts that promote special events, reviews, and new menu items using the power of AI.

Smart tech with a human touch.

Ring in more revenue...

...and save on labor costs. Whether they're dining in or calling in, all your guests are taken care of with AI Answering.

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Turn your marketing "to do" list into an "already done" list...

...with a fully-built, AI-powered monthly marketing plan including emails, texts, and social posts unique to your restaurant—all that's left to do is hit "approve."

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Attracting guests with craveable content is easy...

...with Automated Social Posts. Popmenu's AI tool designs custom content promoting dishes, events, and other news—taking the guesswork out of marketing your restaurant.

Food that looks (almost) as good as it tastes.

Grow your reputation and bring in more revenue with a menu that's got everything to inspire your guests to pull up a seat.

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Make your menu work for you and your guests.

Capture guest contact info and preferences every time they interact with the menu, so you can personalize your marketing outreach down to the dish level.

Collect more revenue from online orders with a menu that shows guests the 'likes' and reviews they want to see before placing an order.

Stay in full control—manage reviews, menu updates, and more with one single tool across your teams and locations.

"Looking back on how we do business and how we are doing it now, I almost feel like if you don't have technology like Popmenu you're going to be left behind."

Mikiel Arnold
Owner, The Freakin Incan
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A menu that speaks for itself...and captures more from your guests.

Attract more guests straight from the search bar...

...with our mobile-friendly, interactive menus that automatically pull dish descriptions, images, and reviews to feed Google and help boost your standing in search results.

Create cravings and keep your guests engaged...

...with photos and dish reviews that drive them to make decisions faster. Plus, every interaction automatically makes them a follower—so you can stay connected with targeted marketing.

Ensure your menu is always up-to-date...

...with the ability to make real-time changes to dish descriptions, photos, prices and availability via web or in the mobile app.

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"We have now an ongoing dialogue with customers without having to go through a third party. It gives us more of a feeling of being connected to our loyal following."

Tim Moore
Owner, Terra Terroir
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Restaurant website designs that make your menu pop

Easy to manage and update, your new website not only looks good but it's easy to use.

I'm ready

Have your

and eat it too:

a beautiful AND easy-to-manage website

Get a best-in-class website that starts with a strong foundation, and includes framework to make your website powerful, fast, and secure.

Work with your designated onboarding manager to learn how to make future updates on your own. That's right, we made website updates easy—seriously.

Let your menu and website updates make you more visible on Google—and drive more traffic to your restaurant's digital front door.

Why owners love Popmenu restaurant websites

We partner with you on the initial design and then put you in control! Our website builder makes it easy to manage your website—without the wait time. From price updates and creating new events to building out a new menu or webpage, changes can be made on the fly.

Why guests love Popmenu restaurant websites

Your website looks good at every size! Whether they're checking out the menu, making reservations, or starting an online order, your Popmenu website adapts to ensure guests always have an easy time interacting with and ordering from your restaurant.

From omelet flippers to cocktail slingers...for however you want to grow, we've got your back.

Trusted by restaurateurs big and small who are looking to capture more guest data, connect with their diners and consolidate their tech.

More than a website...

Your Popmenu website includes marketing tools, guest info capture, commission-free online ordering, and more!
No more waiting for the "website guy" to make urgent changes—make updates with ease from a desktop OR your phone.
Connect your website to Google & other outside tools—so, when you update your menu, it shows up everywhere else.

That first bite feeling, every time.

Simplify operations to support your team and exceed guest expectations in every interaction.

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Better hospitality, however your guests choose to dine with you.

Prevent lost revenue opportunities and provide immediate service to calling guests with AI-powered phone answering that picks up your phone 24/7, 365 days a year.

Make the most of your waitlist: collect guest contact info, engage them while they wait, increase table turnover, and drive more reviews.

Own 100% of your revenue and kiss clunky ordering and high commissions goodbye with online ordering that lives directly on your website.

Everything you need to make a lasting first impression.

Reduce stress on your team...

...while saving on expensive labor costs. Capture every phone call and let FOH staff focus on delivering great service to guests dining in.

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Keep service standards high...

....with custom greetings and responses. AI Answering handles your most frequently asked questions, sends follow-up links to ordering and reservations, takes messages, and escalates more complex conversations back to your team.

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Stop wasting your wait time...

...and capture guest info when they're added to the waitlist. Guests can explore the menu before they're seated, get instantly notified when their table is ready, and receive follow-up offers and invites to leave a review.

86 the pen and paper...

...and make it easy for your host to create and manage the waitlist, track wait times, and seat guests—all while turning more tables and driving more revenue.

Grow service outside your four walls...

...with a streamlined online ordering system that entices guests to dine and drives more revenue through your website—without giving up a percentage to third-party fees.

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Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat. Technology that blends as well as your ingredients.

Consolidate your technology tools to save time, streamline operations, and refocus attention on your guests.

POS Integrations & Payment Providers

Let us take something off your plate.

Consolidate online ordering systems to ensure accuracy and grow revenue.

See POS integrations

All the tools to grow your restaurant, all working together.

Marketing + Social Media

Stay top-of-mind and connect with your guests through popular social and tech channels, without leaving the Popmenu platform.

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Protect your profitability—offer delivery to guests without paying high commissions. Utilize the DoorDash driver network to bring guests the food they crave for a simple flat fee.

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Connect your third-party service tools to your website with embedded code. From reservations and events to ordering, guests get what they need without leaving your website.

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Connect your online orders directly to your kitchen. Popmenu technology works with Star TSP Series printers so orders print directly to the BOH.

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Why settle for a slice when you could have the whole pie?

Collect 100% of your online ordering revenue with Popmenu.

See what our ordering can do

Online ordering that serves both you and your guests.

Own the entire experience

Keep guests engaged and drive more revenue through your website without giving up a percentage to third-party fees.

Capture more than just revenue

Grow your restaurant followers and capture guest preferences with every order so your marketing gets smarter and more personalized.

Stay in control

Easily manage incoming orders and pause intake from any device during busy times.

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"Standard online ordering won't cut it anymore...Popmenu is the bridge that helps us connect with guests. Having the pictures and the prices and the reviews [with online ordering] is important. From the minute guests click onto our website, they can say 'Oh they know what they're doing!'"

Alex Au-Yeung
Owner & Chef, Phat Eatery
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All the utensils you need to conquer online ordering.

Say goodbye to online ordering headaches...

...and hello to hassle-free direct ordering that's seamlessly connected to your website, POS, and marketing tools. Plus, offer delivery without the costly commissions.

See POS integrations

Capture VIP followers automatically...

...and learn their preferences; so every order generates revenue and a roadmap to turning new guests into restaurant regulars.

Restaurant websites with beauty and brains

Create cravings...

....and more reasons to order with limited-time special event menus, catering options, and loyalty rewards that are sent automatically based on guest behavior.

Simple marketing that works harder

Make informed decisions...

...and maximize your online ordering operations with detailed insights into top-selling items, weekly ordering trends, and more.

Data that informs your next action

Clear up counter space...

...and make room for more revenue, with third-party order management and reporting that lives in one place.

Learn more about OrderNerd

Capture more revenue with events that entice.

Whether it's game-day packages or limited-edition holiday meals, plan orders with limited stress and grow your check average with Popmenu Ordering Events.

Create special menus with order limits, designated pickup times, and online pre-payment.

Drive order demand through your website, emails, texts, and other connected marketing tools.

“The Ordering Events capability has allowed us to keep our staff focused on in-store customers—especially during busy holiday periods—instead of being tied up taking those large orders over the phone.”

Anthony DiNardo
President, Henri’s Bakery & Deli
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Need a to-go box?
We've got something better for you.

70% of all online orders processed through Popmenu are managed in the Popmenu for Owners App.

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Be as confident with your data as you are with your dishes.

Gain real-time insight into key performance indicators and trends. Drive more revenue and efficiency with data that guides your next best action.

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Get more from every (guest) bite.

Grow your first-timers and your restaurant regulars with easy marketing and trackable revenue.

Fast track my marketing

A marketing engine that works for you, so you can focus on serving your guests.

Collect guest info and preferences to personalize messages that bring them back again and again.

Automatically deliver the right message at the right time, and reward your customers for their loyalty.

Guide next steps with reporting that ties marketing activities to guest and revenue growth.

Everything you need to create restaurant buzz without working overtime.

Get to know your guests better...

...with customer profiles that capture contact info, favorite dishes, likes, raving reviews and order history—so you can customize content to match their preferences.

Save time planning and executing...

...with personalized emails that automatically send based on guest behavior—so, your marketing hits the spot every time.

Stay connected to your guests...

...with AI technology that automatically creates and posts unique social media content to your favorite channels, keeping you top-of-mind.

Attract new guests and reward your regulars...

...with offers tied to first-time orders, repeat visits, one-time specials or upcoming events. Then easily promote them on your website and through text and email marketing.

Make better marketing decisions...

...with real-time data that shows how your marketing is driving awareness and revenue.

Insights that cook up more revenue.
“We use the included email tool to stay top-of-mind. We remind our followers and direct them to an action—placing an order or making a reservation—with direct links to our menu, online ordering, and reservations right on the emails. We’ve also been using text message marketing to let them know about offers and get in front of them more immediately.”
Alex Scott | Director of Marketing and Operations, Libby’s Neighborhood Brasserie

Grow on the go.

With the Popmenu for Owners App, keep tabs on performance and manage everyday tasks wherever you are.

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All your revenue-driving activities right at your fingertips.

67% of restaurant operators spend less than 2 hours at their desk during a typical workday.

Built for on-the-go restaurant owners and staff.

For the restaurant owner...check things off your list before you even set foot on-premise.

Quickly check ordering, marketing, and AI Answering performance.
Audit and respond to customer reviews.
Keep menus fresh by adding photos and videos to your dishes.
Create custom Ordering Events, manage incoming orders, and track demand and availability.

For the restaurant staff...from the kitchen to the host stand, keep your day running smoothly.

Update dish pricing, descriptions, and availability on the fly.
Add guests to waitlist, text them a link to your menu, and notify them when their table is ready.
Monitor phone calls and respond to voicemails with AI Answering* overview.
Manage direct online orders, Ordering Events, and third-party orders (OrderNerd).
*Requires Popmenu AI Answering subscription

70% of all online orders processed through Popmenu are managed in the Popmenu for Owners App.

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Some ingredients are meant to be mixed.

Simplify and strengthen operations with Popmenu + your POS.

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Savor the flavor of efficiency.

Ensure accuracy

86 human errors with website orders delivered straight to your POS.

Improve guest experience

From menu browsing to order checkout, keep your guests engaged and ordering on your website.

Gain valuable insights

Whether pickup or delivery, bring all your online revenue reporting onto one plate.

POS + Payment Tools

We partner with some of the most trusted POS and payment systems in the industry—and we're always adding more seats to the table!

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Simplify ordering operations.

Consolidate ordering tech and the way you manage and track order volume and revenue.

Get direct online ordering
“The integration with Clover helps us avoid manual input of orders and potential human error. Reducing that worry and the amount of tasks a server or hostess has to handle allows us to do what's most important: spending time with our guests and providing the best customer service possible.”
Mikiel Arnold | Owner of The Freakin Incan
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You don't have to grow it alone. Get a free demo today!

Answer some questions about your restaurant and we'll make sure to make the most of your time.

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