One-of-a-kind, interactive restaurant menus

Meet the digital menu that does more.

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An interactive digital menu that speaks for itself—say goodbye to PDFs

Give potential diners everything they need to make a dining decision while engaging your guests with an unforgettable menu experience.

An online destination worth visiting

Let your guests leave reviews, share their favorite dishes and interact with menu items like never before.

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Approve, reject and reply to reviews from your guests
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Online menu engagement and activity improves SEO
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Dishes with photography receive 2x as many online orders
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Simplified, real-time menu updates via the app or desktop
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Mobile-friendly menu that can be used for contactless ordering
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Automatic customer data capture through dish reviews

Everything you need to build stronger relationships with your guests

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When you start looking at other restaurant websites and menus, it's kind of unbelievable that more people don't use Popmenu. It's been such a benefit for us and certainly will be a benefit for the rest of the restaurant world.

Laptop with client example on screen

Streamline your Front of House Operations

Improve the guest experience while turning every visit to your menu into an opportunity to drive repeat visits.

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All your dining solutions in one platform—with no commissions

Better hospitality however your guests choose to dine with you

Plus, keep guest information in one place for streamlined marketing through email and SMS messages

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Save guests time with Waitlisting. Let them explore until their table is up next and adjust wait times for accuracy to keep guests in the know.
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No more busy signals—let your guests get realtime updates on their pickup order by text message.
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Provide every guest with your most up-to-date menu and feature your most profitable items! Plus, reviews and photos on your menu make dining decisions even easier
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Popmenu has saved guests countless hours of waiting in restaurant lobbies—and we're just getting started.
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Free up your Front Of House for more in-person hospitality. Share your brand and passion with guests instead of repeating answers to questions again and again.
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Dishes with photography receive 2x as many online orders. Entice guests with mouthwatering photos and let your menu create upsells.
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If not for Popmenu’s flexibility and customer service, I don’t know how else I would’ve been able to efficiently re-strategize my restaurant business to online ordering, pickup and delivery, all while reducing costs and maintaining my staff in the midst of a pandemic.

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Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat. Technology that blends as well as your ingredients.

Consolidate your technology tools to save time, streamline operations, and refocus attention on your guests.

POS Integrations & Payment Providers

Let us take something off your plate.

Consolidate online ordering systems to ensure accuracy and grow revenue.

See POS integrations

All the tools to grow your restaurant, all working together.

Marketing + Social Media

Stay top-of-mind and connect with your guests through popular social and tech channels, without leaving the Popmenu platform.

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Protect your profitability—offer delivery to guests without paying high commissions. Utilize the DoorDash driver network to bring guests the food they crave for a simple flat fee.

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Connect your third-party service tools to your website with embedded code. From reservations and events to ordering, guests get what they need without leaving your website.

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Connect your online orders directly to your kitchen. Popmenu technology works with Star TSP Series printers so orders print directly to the BOH.

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Why settle for a slice when you could have the whole pie?

Collect 100% of your online ordering revenue with Popmenu.

See what our ordering can do

Online ordering that serves both you and your guests.

Own the entire experience

Keep guests engaged and drive more revenue through your website without giving up a percentage to third-party fees.

Capture more than just revenue

Grow your restaurant followers and capture guest preferences with every order so your marketing gets smarter and more personalized.

Stay in control

Easily manage incoming orders and pause intake from any device during busy times.

"Standard online ordering won't cut it anymore...Popmenu is the bridge that helps us connect with guests. Having the pictures and the prices and the reviews [with online ordering] is important. From the minute guests click onto our website they can say 'Oh they know what they're doing!'"
Alex Au-Yeung | Owner & Chef, Phat Eatery

All the utensils you need to conquer online ordering.

Say goodbye to online ordering headaches...

...and hello to hassle-free direct ordering that's seamlessly connected to your website, POS, and marketing tools. Plus, offer delivery without the costly commissions.

See POS integrations

Capture VIP followers automatically...

...and learn their preferences; so every order generates revenue and a roadmap to turning new guests into restaurant regulars.

Restaurant websites with beauty and brains

Create cravings...

....and more reasons to order with limited-time special event menus, catering options, and loyalty rewards that are sent automatically based on guest behavior.

Simple marketing that works harder

Make informed decisions...

...and maximize your online ordering operations with detailed insights into top-selling items, weekly ordering trends, and more.

Data that informs your next action

Clear up counter space...

...and make room for more revenue, with third-party order management and reporting that lives in one place.

Learn more about OrderNerd

Capture more revenue with events that entice.

Whether it's game-day packages or limited-edition holiday meals, plan orders with limited stress and grow your check average with Popmenu Ordering Events.

Create special menus with order limits, designated pickup times, and online pre-payment.

Drive order demand through your website, emails, texts, and other connected marketing tools.

“The Ordering Events capability has allowed us to keep our staff focused on in-store customers—especially during busy holiday periods—instead of being tied up taking those large orders over the phone.”
Anthony DiNardo | President, Henri’s Bakery & Deli

Need a to-go box?
We've got something better for you.

70% of all online orders processed through Popmenu are managed in the Popmenu for Owners App.

Learn more
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Expand your restaurant's footprint—digitally

Grow your online revenue without sacrificing your relationship with your guests or your profits.

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Take your kitchen to the streets

Make your website an online ordering destination

Whether you're building your restaurant to be virtual-first or streamlining your ordering experience to avoid third-party app commissions, make sure your website is the first place customers go to place another online order.

We've helped restaurants collect over
in commission-free online ordering revenue—and we're not done yet!
Laptop showing Popmenu client website example

We don’t have a budget to pay for advertising, so we make good use of all the included Popmenu messaging and marketing. We look at what people say on the menu, and then we’ll directly email them and say ‘Hey, we know you love the birria taco, here’s a 10% discount for you to come try it again—or maybe try something else!

Laptop with Popmenu client website example Taqueria Picoso

Stop letting third-parties speak for your brand

Control your restaurant's brand with direct ordering

Direct ordering means a direct relationship with your guests. Popmenu online ordering gathers guest contact info so you can continue the conversation through email, SMS and social media marketing. Harvard research has shown that increasing repeat visits to your restaurant by just 5 percent can, in turn, boost profits by up to 125 percent.

Let's get started

Direct online ordering opens more revenue streams...

Icon illustration of a desktop computer with a restaurant order
Ordering Events
Online ordering events allow you to collect online orders from a special menu for fulfillment on a specific date. Great for holidays and special occasions!
Icon of a phone with a gift and $25 on the screen
Gift Cards
Offer gift cards through direct online ordering! Guests can add them to any online order and your restaurant receives the funds immediately, rather than upon redemption.
Illustration of a ghost kitchen concept linked to a restaurant location
Ghost Kitchen
Cloud, virtual, ghost or digital kitchens - create extra revenue through a direct ordering! Try a new concept, recipes or brand and create a digital only presence.

Take the guesswork out of growth.

Gain real-time insight into key performance indicators and trends. Drive more revenue and efficiency with data that guides your next best action.

See How
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Automated restaurant marketing to create more regulars

Restaurant marketing tools designed to bring guests back again and again.

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Client Success: Taqueria Picoso

Results after...

Taqueria Picoso Restaurant Logo
4 months with Popmenu
$36k+ in commission-free direct ordering sales
4,000+ new website visitors
285+ new website followers
1 year with Popmenu
$243k+ in commission-free direct ordering sales
48,000+ new website visitors
1,500+ new website followers
Laptop showing Popmenu client website example

We don’t have a budget to pay for advertising, so we make good use of all the included Popmenu messaging and marketing. We look at what people say on the menu, and then we’ll directly email them and say ‘Hey, we know you love the birria taco, here’s a 10% discount for you to come try it again—or maybe try something else!

Laptop with Popmenu client website example Taqueria Picoso

We give restaurants the power to influence guests from their first order...

Owning customer data gives you the power to influence visit frequency. Invite guests back any time.

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Automated smart messages based on past orders and dish reviews
Price tag with discount Icon
Send offers to incentivize new orders
Person in a circle icon noting customer satisfaction
Customize your customer data using tags and segmentation

Text marketing is just one more way to communicate with guests—for no additional cost.

Promote your restaurant's menu items, specials, events, promotional offers and build brand recognition.

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Send invites to events and happenings at your restaurant.
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Advertise dishes straight from your menu.
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Share promo codes and special offers to drive online ordering revenue.
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Build brand recognition and long-standing relationships with your followers.

Restaurant website designs that make your menu pop

Easy to manage and update, your new website not only looks good but it's easy to use.


Have your

and eat it too:

a beautiful AND easy-to-manage website

Get a best-in-class website that starts with a strong foundation, and includes framework to make your website powerful, fast, and secure.

Work with your designated onboarding manager to learn how to make future updates on your own. That's right, we made website updates easy—seriously.

Let your menu and website updates make you more visible on Google—and drive more traffic to your restaurant's digital front door.

Getting a website and appearing on Google has helped a lot, especially when appealing to younger demographics. We've had some folks who have been vacationing in Hilton Head since 1980 just finding us for the first time.

Linda Prosser | Co-Owner of Alfred’s Restaurant
Independent Restaurant

My previous website was run through a local customer. Anything we tried to do with him, there was always a delay. We weren’t in control of our website the way we are now with the dashboard and the ability to change things, and it was fairly easy to get used to the site. I did a lot of stuff on my own and I was able to train my managers quickly too.

Mikiel Arnold | Owner of The Freakin Incan
Independent Restaurant

It was fairly easy to get used to the site. I did a lot of stuff on my own. I was able to train my managers quickly too—they get in there, upload pictures, and turn menu items on and off...Everything’s getting streamlined. Everything’s getting easier.

Abby Geha | Director of Marketing, The Hampton Social
Independent Restaurant

Why owners love Popmenu restaurant websites

We partner with you on the initial design and then put you in control! Our website builder makes it easy to manage your website—without the wait time. From price updates and creating new events to building out a new menu or webpage, changes can be made on the fly.

Why guests love Popmenu restaurant websites

Your website looks good at every size! Whether they're checking out the menu, making reservations, or starting an online order, your Popmenu website adapts to ensure guests always have an easy time interacting with and ordering from your restaurant.

Find your perfect fit

Our websites work hard for your restaurant—no matter it's size. See how restaurants like yours utilize Popmenu

More than a website...

Your Popmenu website includes marketing tools, guest info capture, commission-free online ordering, and more!
No more waiting for the "website guy" to make urgent changes—make updates with ease from a desktop OR your phone.
Connect your website to Google & other outside tools—so, when you update your menu, it shows up everywhere else.

Manage your restaurant operations on the go with the Popmenu for Owners App

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A mobile phone showing a menu with photos, reviews and likes

The power of Popmenu in your pocket keeps your restaurant running smoothly, anywhere you go.

With labor shortages, restaurant managers find themselves on the go more than ever before—and needing to be more efficient outside of the office. The last thing you can afford to be is tied to a desk. Whether it's updating your menu, overseeing your online and delivery orders, responding to reviews, managing your waitlist, or responding to voicemails, you should be able to do these things from any location.

That's why you need the Popmenu for Owners mobile app, which allows you to manage all your important My.Pop operations wherever you are—be it the kitchen, the hostess stand or even a table while you’re grabbing a quick bite.

On average, 70% of all online orders that occur in the platform are managed by clients in the Popmenu for Owners App

Manage your most important revenue related activities with flexibility and ease.

An illustration of a chef in a restaurant preparing a meal

Back of House

Icon of a green checkmark

Manage all your pickup, delivery and catering orders in one place

Icon of a green checkmark

Create ordering events, accept orders as they come in, and keep track of order demand and availability

An illustration of a waitress taking a man's order in a coffee shop

Front of House

Icon of a green checkmark

Add guests to the waitlist, automatically send them a link to the menu, and send them a customized notification when their table is ready

Icon of a green checkmark

Monitor and respond to phone calls and voicemails from within your Answering account (requires Popmenu Answering subscription)

Illustration of a woman holding a tablet with a digital menu in a restaurant

Menu Management

Icon of a green checkmark

Update and adjust menu items including changing prices, descriptions, and adding or removing an item from online ordering

Icon of a green checkmark

Add or edit photos and videos for all the dishes on your menu or events

An illustration of hands holding a smart phone with statistics and reviews on the screen

Restaurant Key Performance Indicators

Icon of a green checkmark

Answer the voice of your customers by quickly reviewing and approving reviews, and monitoring your email campaigns

Icon of a green checkmark

Track the progress and growth of sales, followers, pops and views

Over 67% of restaurant owners/operators spend less than 2 hours at their desk during a typical workday.

Some ingredients are meant to be mixed.

Simplify and strengthen operations with Popmenu + your POS

Tell me more

Savor the flavor of efficiency.

Ensure accuracy

86 human errors with website orders delivered straight to your POS.

Improve guest experience

From menu browsing to order checkout, keep your guests engaged and ordering on your website.

Gain valuable insights

Whether pickup or delivery, bring all your online revenue reporting onto one plate.

POS + Payment Tools

We partner with some of the most trusted POS and payment systems in the industry—and we're always adding more seats to the table!

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“With the Popmenu integration, our managers are able to jump into [our POS] to make any necessary menu & inventory changes which are then reflected in the Popmenu platform—there’s no more need to call corporate offices for simple changes.”
Carly Coquoz | Digital Marketing Manager, Berg Hospitality Group

Simplify ordering operations.

Consolidate ordering tech and the way you manage and track order volume and revenue.

Get direct online ordering
"The integration with Clover helps us avoid manual input of orders and potential human error. Reducing that worry and the amount of tasks a server or hostess has to handle allows us to do what's most important: spending time with our guests and providing the best customer service possible."
Mikiel Arnold | Owner of The Freakin Incan

Get a free demo today!

Answer a few questions about your restaurant and we'll make sure to make the most of your time.

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