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A seamless online ordering experience with in-restaurant pick-up. Your restaurant doesn't have to be limited to four walls.

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In 2020, 63% of consumer restaurant spending was on takeout or delivery

Not every guest will dine-in, but you can still serve every guest

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We live in a fast-paced world, and sometimes that means a guest may want a meal from you, but in the comfort of their own home. Be ready for them with Popmenu Pickup Orders.

Guests can place orders directly on your site and swing by on their way home, on a quick lunch break or to skip the line for a cup of coffee. Meanwhile you'll receive their contact info so you can email or text them for a review, promotion or a simple reminder to place their next order.

Accept orders and grow your following

A streamlined ordering process ensures more orders from your guests and more revenue for your restaurant. A recent survey shows that 43% of consumers would prefer to place orders directly from your restaurant. Give guests that option on your Popmenu site!

It doesn't have to stop there! Your suite of marketing tools, including email, SMS (text) messaging and social posting, helps you turn first-time guests into regulars. Every pickup order gathers contact info and stores it in your My.Pop account so you can message guests any time.

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"When you start looking at other restaurant websites and menus, it's kind of unbelievable that more people don't use Popmenu. It's been such a benefit for us and certainly will be a benefit for the rest of the restaurant world."

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