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Restaurant analytics made easy: How to maximize sales with simple data

In today’s digital age, running a successful restaurant requires more than just great culinary skills—it demands effective marketing strategies that are guided by good data. But here’s the kicker: between limited time to focus on marketing and the restaurant industry’s not-so-shocking lack of dedicated analysts, nearly half of restaurant owners are only “kind of confident” when it comes to understanding the impact of their marketing efforts and what speciically is working. That’s why restaurants all over the country, like Ocean State Sandwich Company and GIOIA Pizzeria, have partnered with Popmenu to access easy-to-read marketing performance data they can quickly put into action to drive more sales.

Is my marketing even working?

For Ocean State Sandwich Company, answering this question is as easy as looking at Popmenu’s Marketing Overview. In addition to showcasing key metrics like email open rate, email click-through-rate, and top-performing messages, the overview outlines the amount of online ordering revenue earned as it relates to the number of guests who viewed your emails. With this information, restaurants can see which messages guests respond to most often.

“What I like about Popmenu is that you can see a return on your investment,” said Eric Handwerger, Owner of Ocean State Sandwich Company. “You send out a mass email about a special or your daily soups and you can watch orders come in. It’s a great tool for us.”

These insights have helped Ocean State revisist and improve their marketing communications strategy and discover opportunities to automate outreach. Knowing what emails bring in the most orders means they can reduce the numbers of emails they send while maximizing the earned online ordering revenue. Over the last year, the sandwich shop has earned over $39k in online ordering revenue through their marketing efforts, with 43% of that being brought in through automated emails.

How do I get the most out of online ordering?

When it comes to understanding customer preferences and boosting revenue through online ordering, GIOIA Pizzeria has the secret sauce with Popmenu’s online Ordering Overview. With metrics like average order value, weekly total revenue, and top-selling items from the previous week, restaurant owners can better understand their customers’ ordering habits and how to prepare for peak ordering times.

Kaitlyn Kolacy, Director of Operations for GIOIA Pizzeria, shared “Popmenu lets us fill out the details on our customers so we can fine-tune our messaging. It helps us learn about our client base. You actually have information on the things people love and the things people can’t stop ordering.” 

By providing insights into ordering volume patterns across different days and times, the online ordering dashboard empowers restaurants like GIOIA to strategically focus marketing efforts during slower periods to help boost online orders. In fact, the pizzeria earned over $897k in online ordering revenue in 2022, and are on pace to surpass that this year. Now that’s getting the most out of your ordering platform.

Can AI really answer my phone calls?

Popmenu’s AI Answering helps restaurants like GIOIA save time and labor on the phones by automatically answering calls with custom responses and can send guests a link to place an order online or make a reservation. The answering Overview makes it easier than ever to see just how effective their AI assistant is at fielding calls. With key information like hours saved from answering the phone, the rate of which calls are resolved, and a breakdown of call outcomes, restaurants can instantly see the tool’s impact on their business.

Kaitlyn Kolacy noted “Being able to pull actual numbers and progress and show it to the owners to back up my decisions is invaluable.”

Additionally, the overview breaks down the most common call topics, opening up opportunities to include information about specials or events on the highest volume topics using custom responses. For example, if most guests call asking for the hours a restaurant is open, an invitation to join the restaurant for mimosas and brunch included with the information they requested is a great way to create upsell opportunities.

How effective is my website?

Popmenu’s Performance Snapshot, provides a bird’s-eye view of a restaurant’s overall performance. It brings together data from the previously mentioned overviews and adds valuable insights into a website’s performance. Think of it as a command center that's used to monitor everything about a restaurant’s digital performance in one convenient place.

Standout here is the overviews ability to track website visitors on a weekly basis, giving a clear idea of online visibility. It also breaks down the percentage of guests that are returning customers and new customers, providing insight into a website’s organic performance. Eric from Ocean State Sandwich Company says the new overviews have given him hours back in the day to focus on other priorities "Popmenu saves me time because everything is under one platform. It has freed up my time to get more creative in the kitchen, it's freed up my time to make sure everything is organized and ready for the day, it's helped me get better at marketing my restaurant. It's so convenient, it's so easy." 

Popmenu’s dashboards bring simplicity, convenience, and effectiveness to online restaurant management, allowing owners to focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional dining experiences. By harnessing the power of data, restaurants all over the country can make smarter, more strategic decisions leading to increased revenue, customer satisfaction, and easy growth for their business. Visit our performance and insights page to learn more about how Popmenu can help your restaurant take the guesswork out of growth with real-time, easy-to-read data.

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