Direct Ordering & Delivery

Protect your online revenue without sacrificing your relationship with your guests.


Online Ordering Any Way You Want It

Pop Ordering gives your guests an online ordering and delivery experience that lives within your restaurant’s website. Say goodbye to unnecessary third-party ordering apps, complicated experiences for your customer, and lost revenue to third-party ordering fees.

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Make fast, easy and commission-free carryout orders the norm for your guests.


Enable your in-house team to deliver orders to customers near and far for a flat rate or use our third-party integration and access a local network of drivers.

Coming Soon: Contactless Dine-in

Launching this Summer, we're reimagining the dine-in experience in a way that keeps your guests tended to and staff safe.


Take your orders from curb to car without the hassle of adding on another ordering tool.

We’ve helped restaurants collect over


in commission-free online ordering revenue

Make your website an online ordering destination

Whether you're building your restaurant to be virtual-first or streamlining your ordering experience to avoid third-party app commissions, make sure your website is the first place customers go to place another online order.

Grow your followers—and remarket to them later—regardless of how they order.
Straightforward, flat fee structure that can be adjusted to fit your business needs. No more annoying percentage commissions.
We’ve saved independent restaurants millions in online ordering commissions and delivery fees.

Integrations with ordering tools you already use:

Begin a chain of profitable events by meeting the guest journey step-by-step through one platform and monthly fee.

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popmenu Case Study

Terra Terroir

Embracing change in light of COVID-19 and placing online ordering and delivery at the front of their business.
“If not for Popmenu’s flexibility and customer service, I don’t know how else I would’ve been able to efficiently restrategize my restaurant business to online ordering and curbside pickup and delivery all while reducing costs and maintaining my staff.”
-Tim Moore, owner at Terra Terroir