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Grow your online revenue without sacrificing your relationship with your guests or your profits.

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Take your kitchen to the streets

Make your website an online ordering destination

Whether you're building your restaurant to be virtual-first or streamlining your ordering experience to avoid third-party app commissions, make sure your website is the first place customers go to place another online order.

We've helped restaurants collect over
in commission-free online ordering revenue—and
we're not done yet!
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We don’t have a budget to pay for advertising, so we make good use of all the included Popmenu messaging and marketing. We look at what people say on the menu, and then we’ll directly email them and say ‘Hey, we know you love the birria taco, here’s a 10% discount for you to come try it again—or maybe try something else!

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Stop letting third-parties speak for your brand

Control your restaurant's brand with direct ordering

Direct ordering means a direct relationship with your guests. Popmenu online ordering gathers guest contact info so you can continue the conversation through email, SMS and social media marketing. Harvard research has shown that increasing repeat visits to your restaurant by just 5 percent can, in turn, boost profits by up to 125 percent.

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Direct online ordering opens more revenue streams...

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Ordering Events
Online ordering events allow you to collect online orders from a special menu for fulfillment on a specific date. Great for holidays and special occasions!
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Gift Cards
Offer gift cards through direct online ordering! Guests can add them to any online order and your restaurant receives the funds immediately, rather than upon redemption.
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Ghost Kitchen
Cloud, virtual, ghost or digital kitchens - create extra revenue through a direct ordering! Try a new concept, recipes or brand and create a digital only presence.

Open more revenue opportunities

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