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Client Success: Taqueria Picoso

Results after...

4 months with Popmenu
$36k+ in commission-free direct ordering sales
4,000+ new website visitors
285+ new website followers
1 year with Popmenu
$243k+ in commission-free direct ordering sales
48,000+ new website visitors
1,500+ new website followers

We don’t have a budget to pay for advertising, so we make good use of all the included Popmenu messaging and marketing. We look at what people say on the menu, and then we’ll directly email them and say ‘Hey, we know you love the birria taco, here’s a 10% discount for you to come try it again—or maybe try something else!

We give restaurants the power to influence guests from their first order...

Owning customer data gives you the power to influence visit frequency. Invite guests back any time.

Automated smart messages based on past orders and dish reviews
Send offers to incentivize new orders
Customize your customer data using tags and segmentation

Text marketing is just one more way to communicate with guests—for no additional cost.

Promote your restaurant's menu items, specials, events, promotional offers and build brand recognition.

Send invites to events and happenings at your restaurant.
Advertise dishes straight from your menu.
Share promo codes and special offers to drive online ordering revenue.
Build brand recognition and long-standing relationships with your followers.

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