Turn every phone call into an opportunity

Simple questions that keep your phone line tied up can be handled without pulling a staff member from your in-person hospitality. Reclaim the power of your phone.

A 2021 consumer survey showed that 74% of restaurant guests are happy to have their questions answered by an automated system; nearly 20% prefer automated responses over speaking to someone.

Please your guests and your team, while still increasing sales...it's a win-win-win!

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Allow your team to focus on what matters most.
Reduce labor costs and workload for your team.

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Gather data to keep the conversation going with your guests.
Increase customer satisfaction with faster response time.

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Create revenue potential through every interaction.
Direct guests to online ordering or to make a reservation.

Go ahead. Make it personal for you and your guests.

Popmenu Answering allows you to customize how you greet your guests and respond to their important questions. Choose the voice they hear when they call and create personalized greetings that fit your restaurant's unique needs.

Your restaurant. Your message. Let us help do the talking!

Popmenu Answering handles your most frequently asked questions, allowing you to customize your responses for popular topics, send follow-up links, take messages, and escalate more complex conversations back to you and your team.

Never miss a call  from your most important guest...all of them!

Answering picks up your phone 24/7, 365 days a year.

Getting answers to simple questions helps your guests decide if they want to dine with you. Popmenu Answering can help prevent lost opportunities and ensure those guests aren't neglected in their first interactions with you.

42% of restaurant guests will eat elsewhere if their call is missed.

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