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Urth Caffé: Multi-Location Management—Simplified

Using Popmenu’s dynamic menu technology, announcements, mass & smart messages, SMS marketing, contactless menus and more, the team at Urth Caffé takes their brand recognition and presence online.‍

Using Popmenu’s dynamic menu technology, announcements, mass & smart messages, SMS marketing, contactless menus and more, the team at Urth Caffé takes their brand recognition and presence online.

Los Angeles, CA — Urth Caffé is a multi-location concept with cafés located across the globe. Since 1989, Urth Caffé has built its reputation as a pioneer of health-conscious coffee by roasting its own exclusively heirloom, organic coffees and offering hand-selected fine teas.

Popmenu has partnered with Urth Caffé’s nine U.S.-based locations—eight in Southern California and one in Las Vegas. While each location is part of the Urth Caffé family, each operates as its own entity—with different needs, hours, announcements, messaging for guests, and for some locations, different menus.

Urth Caffé’s biggest task is managing the unique operations and marketing approaches of each location. As an established brand, Urth Caffé already has a high awareness and following from its guests. Whether looking for a location nearby, or craving a favorite menu item, customers often start their journey with Urth Caffé online.

Improving online representation and digital guest experience

With Popmenu’s all-in-one solution, Urth Caffé is able to deliver its well-known standards of hospitality in a digital space.

For multi-locations like Urth Caffé, centralizing digital operations is a necessity for creating a consistent online guest experience. Popmenu’s platform brings Urth Caffé’s digital activities under one login; each location’s webpage, menu, and marketing is easily managed from one central dashboard.

Popmenu’s dynamic menu technology not only helps create an engaging menu experience, but also optimizes Urth Caffé for Google search. Each dish on Urth Caffé’s menu is individually indexed—so when guests search things like coffeeshops near me, Urth Caffé’s menu items and website show up in the results almost every time.

Over the past six months, Urth Caffé has averaged ~184,442 monthly sessions, with specific location webpages performing at ~80,000 views.* While 55% of the website traffic is direct (meaning guests go directly to Urth Caffé’s site), 43% of traffic comes from organic search.

Urth Caffe results from using Popmenu

The dynamic menu gives direct access to guests and their experience, extending the conversation with them beyond the point of purchase.

The average session duration on Urth Caffé’s website is just over two minutes. That’s 9x higher than the average time spent on an ordinary restaurant menu/ website. What’s more? Urth Caffé’s bounce rate is low (31.62%) which means very few people land on the website and then immediately leave. Popmenu helps keep guest attention where it should be—on Urth Caffé’s organic beans, delicious pastries, and hand-selected teas.

“I have to truly say that the Popmenu team and technology is second to none in speed, service and quality. Our Popmenu website is unlocking the potential of our menus and message right before our eyes – and the team is so knowledgeable, caring, and accessible. The service is top notch from the Popmenu leaders, designers, photographers – the entire team is amazing!” - Shallom Berkman, Urth Caffé owner

As of 2021, Urth Caffé has locations in: Laguna Beach, CA., Pasadena, CA., South Bay, CA., Orange, CA., Los Angeles, CA., Beverly Hills, CA., Santa Monica, CA., West Hollywood, CA., Wynn Las Vegas, NV., Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai.

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