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Taqueria Picoso: Making a Name Amidst a Pandemic

With Popmenu’s all-in-one platform, Taqueria Picoso continues to build restaurant awareness, deepen guest relationships, and grow profit margin by reducing third-party costs and commissions.

With Popmenu’s all-in-one platform, Taqueria Picoso continues to build restaurant awareness, deepen guest relationships, and grow profit margin by reducing third-party costs and commissions.

Alexandria, VA — Taqueria Picoso’s food is delicious and true to its roots; but like any restaurant, building awareness and driving repeat business was and is a key goal for owner Tom Voskuil.

"The Suadero is my new favorite at Taqueria Picoso. It melts in your mouth and was maybe the best taco I've ever had." With Popmenu's dynamic menu, guest reviews—like this one—live right on the menu.

With Popmenu, Taqueria Picoso’s monthly number of sessions on its website has steadily increased. This means an increase in number of people viewing different webpages, interacting with the menu, and placing orders directly through the website.The average session duration on Taqueria Picoso’s website is almost three minutes. That’s 12x higher than the average time spent on an ordinary restaurant menu/website.

What’s more? Taqueria Picoso’s website bounce rate is low (33.71%) which means very few people land on the restaurant website and then immediately leave. Popmenu helps keep guest attention where it should be—on Taqueria Picoso’s terrific tacos!

Nearly half of Taqueria Picoso’s web traffic comes from organic search. With Popmenu’s dynamic menu technology, each dish on Taqueria Picoso’s menu is individually indexed by Google—so when guests search things like tacos near me, Taqueria Picoso’s menu items and website come up in the search results almost every time.

Popmenu makes it easy to capture guests online; they follow their food cravings straight from a Google search to the menu!

Client results from Popmenu

Reducing third-party costs with direct ordering

“I was sold immediately. Even though we had just added online ordering with another company, I still decided we were going to make the change to Popmenu.” - Tom Voskuil, Owner

As restaurants were forced to close for dine-in service, Taqueria Picoso knew there was a need to implement a plan for online ordering—and fast. Taqueria Picoso’s initial online ordering system required six different tablets in house, and brought in a high number of third party fees and commissions. So, when Tom saw Popmenu’s full-solution platform with website hosting, a dynamic menu, and online ordering included under one price, partnering with Popmenu was a “no brainer.”

With Popmenu’s direct ordering, Taqueria Picoso’s online transactions live right within the restaurant’s website. Since making the switch to Popmenu, the restaurant has been able to streamline the online ordering process, reducing third-party fees and commissions and operational hiccups, and creating a less complicated ordering experience for guests.

Using reviews for service recovery

"The dynamic menu is great—it's immediate feedback with someone dining at the restaurant. If the review is positive, great; if not, we can immediately address it." - Tom Voskuil, Owner

Popmenu’s dynamic and interactive menu technology lets guests leave reviews and comments right on the dish they ordered—so each dish at Taqueria Picoso can earn its own delicious reputation. This direct review system gives Tom ownership and control over what is said about his restaurant; he can audit reviews as they come in, approving the positive and reacting immediately to remedy any negative experiences.

The dynamic menu gives direct access to guests and their experience, extending the conversation with them beyond the point of purchase.

Marketing based on guest behavior

“We don’t have a budget to pay for advertising, so we make good use of all the included Popmenu messaging and marketing. We look at what people say on the menu, and then we’ll directly email them and say ‘Hey, we know you love the birria taco, here’s a 10% discount for you to come try it again—or maybe try something else!’” - Tom Voskuil, Owner

Because Tom owns his customer data (e.g., emails, phone numbers, order and review history, etc.), he can send direct and personalized marketing messages to drive repeat business and keep Taqueria Picoso top-of-mind.

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