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B&B brings in over $480k in online ordering revenue with Toast + Popmenu

B&B Butchers & Restaurants is one of seven concepts under the Berg Hospitality Group—a Houston-based restaurant group with a strong passion for the industry. Each of the group’s restaurant concepts focuses on offering excellent service, unique atmospheres, and unparalleled experiences for guests—that goes for online as well as on-premise.

In an effort to continue to deliver on standards of guest experience during a global pandemic, B&B took to expanding its online ordering from one-off, select-menu ordering events to an everyday option so that guests could continue to satisfy their savory steakhouse cravings.

Covid was the start of making our transition to more extensive online ordering; the appeal of Popmenu was in making [online ordering] efficient and as seamless as possible, not only for our guests but also our staff.
Carly Shuttlesworth | Digital Marketing Manager

One of the additional operational changes brought on by the pandemic was a transition to Toast, the cloud-based restaurant POS system that lets servers input orders directly at the table through a handheld tablet. The biggest benefit of switching to Toast? B&B’s website and online menu integrate with the POS—meaning the two technologies talk to each other, making menu management and order intake easier for FOH and BOH staff.

“We transitioned to Toast because it was more streamlined…and with the Popmenu integration, our managers are able to jump into Toast to make any necessary [menu & inventory] changes which are then reflected in the Popmenu platform—there’s no more need to call corporate offices for simple changes. It’s also very user-friendly, so even our managers who aren’t as tech-savvy have an easy time with it. It’s all been very seamless with Popmenu’s integration.”

Not only was the integration easier for B&B staff, Popmenu’s integration with the Toast POS also allows for a direct and friction-free experience that lets guests order directly from the restaurant’s visual and interactive online menu.

Since integrating and implementing online ordering, B&B has seen a total of 2,401 orders come through their restaurant and butcher shop, bringing in over $480k in revenue—that’s not including on-premise diners! And while uncertainty still looms for the industry, one thing is certain for B&B: with the Popmenu + Toast integration, online ordering is here to stay.

See how it works

A tablet showing the connection between Toast POS and Popmenu dashboards
An Illustration of a floppy disc that says "save" on it
Update items in Toast POS
An illustration of a restaurant website
Website menu updates instantly & item is ready to order
An illustration of a Google Business Profile
Updates automatically on Google My Business menu
An illustration of a restaurant printer
Automatically changes print menu
Illustration of a smart phone with a q r code on the screen
Updates existing QR codes to same menu link
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And you’re ready for remarketing to customers via social media, SMS or email

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