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Embracing change in light of COVID-19 and positioning online ordering and delivery at the front of their business.
“If not for Popmenu’s flexibility and customer service, I don’t know how else I would’ve been able to efficiently restrategize my restaurant business to online ordering & curbside pickup and delivery all while reducing costs and maintaining my staff.”
-Tim Moore, owner at Terra Terroir


When COVID-19 struck early 2020, chaos across numerous industries ensued and uncertainty spread across the restaurant industry as restaurant owners and operators were forced to enact temporary closures, workforce layoffs, and completely pivot their business to be digital-first.

When Tim Moore, owner of Terra Terroir in Atlanta, GA, joined the Popmenu family in November of 2019, he was looking for a website solution that would give him the flexibility and tools he needed to make changes to his website without needing a “webmaster”.

“Seeing Popmenu’s game-changing technology was the a-ha moment during my pitch,” Moore remarks.

Since becoming a client, Terra Terroir has regained control of the conversation with its loyal fanbase. Moore’s team is able to send specials, make menu updates, and reply to dish-specific feedback right on Terra Terroir’s custom-built Popmenu site.

“We feel now that we have an ongoing dialogue with customers without having to go through a third party. It gives us more of a feeling of being connected to our loyal following.”

But how would that play out under COVID-19 with a statewide shelter-in-place order? Moore responded by consolidating his message and making sure it got out.

What made a difference?

Marketing Flexibility

Moore has raised up a culture with his team at Terra Terroir that believes their suggestions and ideas can have immediate impact, and that under Popmenu, executing email campaigns and social posts is easier than ever.

“If someone has an idea about how to promote a weekend night, or a special wine pairing or a dinner special, they know it can and will happen—without waiting a week for artwork and a web developer to implement it.”


As the COVID-19 crisis broke, Terra Terroir pivoted its business to promote online ordering before Popmenu had even launched Pop Ordering. As soon as Pop Ordering arrived, Moore launched it on his site and even repositioned his dish card photos to show the dishes as they would appear in takeout containers, fully owning the takeout experience.

“I loved seeing that even with social distancing, Popmenu's Online Ordering system allowed me to still maintain that one-on-one feedback on each dish with our guests.”


Over $60k
in online ordering sales in less than 2 months.
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