Hot Restaurant Trends to Watch in 2022

How are restaurants responding to increased market demand, navigating a labor deficit and preparing for future growth in 2022? We thought you’d never ask.

Popmenu recently conducted a survey of over 400 U.S. restaurant owners/operators to capture deeper insight into the current and future restaurant landscape. Optimism and resilience continue as restaurants lean into strategies and technologies that maximize efficiency, grow sales, support staff and create great experiences for guests.

This report is a summary of our findings—filled with must-know trends, real-life examples and a few surprises. Get all the juicy details on:

  • Why restaurants are accelerating adoption of online and on-premise tech

  • How restaurants are raising the competitive bar for attracting guests and talent

  • How comfort, convenience and customization are factoring into operational and food trends

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Doubling Down on Digital:
Restaurant Trends to Watch in 2022...