Popmenu Pro: Get the whole meal

Meet Popmenu Pro, where your website wows but also grows your business. This beauty's got brains.

For starters, you get an easy-to-edit and guest-friendly site

Your website is the digital anchor to your restaurant, just as an entree is to a tasting menu. From menus with reviews and mouthwatering photos, to marketing tools that capture guest information for ongoing outreach, it's time for a website that doesn't just look good—it helps you grow.

Expand your restaurant beyond 4 walls

With Popmenu, your restaurant can meet guests wherever they are. Whether it's at home, at the curb, or picking up at the counter, direct and commission-free online ordering grows your restaurant's revenue without the extra costs. Plus, you capture their info to invite them back again.

Turn your guests into regulars

Included with your main course—ahem, website—is your suite of marketing sides. Gain free traffic from Google with your search-optimized website. Then, gather emails and phone numbers from guests and invite them back with email, social, and text message marketing.

Flourish while you cook

Whether you run a restaurant or manage its marketing, creating content should be a cakewalk. So, we did some prep on email messages to make marketing easier—and more effective! Plus, we automatically send them based on guest actions, so you don't have to think about it. It's that simple.

Trusted by restaurateurs big and small, from coast to coast, all looking to grow and make their lives easier.

Popmenu helps restaurants connect with their guests and streamline operations

Collect 10.4M Subscribers
Who are ready to receive marketing messages
Send 170M+ Emails
That are proven to drive revenue—with the data to back it up
Send 13.5M+ Text Messages
With an average 90%+ open rate
Seat 272K+ Guests
Without the pen, paper and shouting in the lobby
Share 258K+ Posts to Google
Boosting their position in search results
Earn 920k+ Menu Interactions
With direct feedback on what guests love about their dishes
Meet 203.8M+ Unique Web visitors
Who are ready for their next dining experience
Learn with 200+ Support Articles
Along with a best-in-class support team
Collect 10.4M Subscribers
Who are ready to receive marketing messages
Send 170M+ Emails
That are proven to drive revenue—with the data to back it up
Send 13.5M+ Text Messages
With an average 90%+ open rate
Seat 272K+ Guests
Without the pen, paper and shouting in the lobby
Share 258K+ Posts to Google
Boosting their position in search results
Earn 920k+ Menu Interactions
With direct feedback on what guests love about their dishes
Meet 203.8M+ Unique Web visitors
Who are ready for their next dining experience
Learn with 200+ Support Articles
Along with a best-in-class support team
“The dynamic menu is great—it's immediate feedback with someone dining at the restaurant. If the review is positive, great; if not, we can immediately address it.”
Taqueria Picoso
A photo of Wil Novak and his wife, the owner of Hail Mary's Food & Drink and a Popmenu client
“If we need any help with anything, Popmenu is there instantly. Great customer service—I’ve never seen such good customer service outside of what we try to create in our restaurant every day. Their goals and our goals of customer service align. It’s a pleasure to partner with Popmenu.”
Wil Novak | Owner, Hail Mary's Food & Drink
“It was fairly easy to get used to the site. I did a lot of stuff on my own. I was able to train my managers quickly too—they get in there, upload pictures, and turn menu items on and off...Everything’s getting streamlined. Everything’s getting easier.”
Mikiel Arnold| Owner of The Freakin Incan

From omelet flippers to cocktail slingers...for however you want to grow, we've got your back.

Trusted by restaurateurs big and small who are looking to capture more guest data, connect with their diners and consolidate their tech.

A simple solution for the endless ringing

Basic questions that keep your phone line tied up can be handled without pulling a staff member away from guests…plus you’ll never miss a tasty revenue opportunity!

Total game-changer, right?

Missed call revenue calculator

The Facts: Wages and labor issues aren’t going away anytime soon.

Using AI technology is a practical way to make busy phone lines work for you, not against you.

$0.47 cents/hour

the cost of your new round-the-clock employee that answers calls 24/7/365.

The Facts: Diners like automated phone answering.

A nationwide study of U.S. consumers found that:


of diners are happy to have their questions answered by an automated system.


of consumers are less likely to dine at or order from a restaurant if they don't answer the phone.

See results that will help you turn every call into an opportunity.

Discover how your guests' questions are being answered and see peak hours and days of the week when your AI-powered phone technology is working extra hard, so your staff doesn’t have to.

Available in Popmenu for Owners App

AI Answering Overview

Photo showing the inside of a bar

Your restaurant. Your message. Let us help do the talking!

Popmenu AI Answering allows you to easily customize how you greet guests and respond to their important questions. Choose the voice they hear when they call and create personalized greetings that fit your restaurant's unique needs.

What’s more, AI Answering handles your most frequently asked questions, sends follow-up links, takes messages, and escalates more complex conversations back to your team.

Want to learn more at your own pace?

Watch our recorded webinar to see Popmenu AI Answering in action.

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Food that looks
as good as it tastes

Put your best food forward—drive revenue and captivate guests with Popmenu photography.

Schedule a demo
laptop graphic

Make sure your dishes shine.

spoon and fork graphic

Bring your menu to life to every visitor by giving them the option to view a photo of the dish without navigating away from your website.

camera graphic

Popmenu-certified photographers arrive on site and handle the execution of the shoot to your brand standards.

key graphic

All finalized photography belongs to your restaurant and is uploaded to your photo library by our team.

person graphic

Our team handles the logistics of scheduling your shoot and finding the right photographer so that all you have to do is focus on your dishes!

as many reviews
Dishes with photos have 4 times as many customer reviews.
as many pops
Dishes with photos have 3 times as much interactions by people clicking "like", "love" and "remind me to try".
as many orders
Dishes with photos have nearly twice as many orders throughout Popmenu online ordering.

What's included in the Popmenu Photography Package

plates of food on a table

Up to 3 hours on-location

exterior of a red restaurant

5 - 10 images of interior & exterior delivered

glass of rosé wine

20 - 25 items* photographed (dishes, drinks, etc.)

color correction panel in photo editor

General edit applied to all delivered images*

open laptop with restaurant landing page displayed

Images delivered directly into your Popmenu dashboard in two weeks

open laptop displaying popmenu's back end photo reservoir

All High Resolution images hosted in online gallery via my.popmenu.com

If you have any questions, please contact your
Popmenu Sales Representative or 844 - POPMENU

*In order to shoot 20-25 items, all dishes must be prepared and presented to the photographer in a timely manner.*General edit for color balance, exposure, etc. - no composite editing applied.

Dishes featuring photography see nearly twice as many orders.

Boost the appeal of your dishes through high definition images on your website. Photography amplifies menu engagements and elevates your brand and online presence by creating a consistent look and feel to your website.

From first impression to final transaction, we've got your online presence covered.

climbing graphmobile menudesktop menuonline ordering order confirmation screen

Improved search impressions by as much as 60%

Beautifully designed, mobile-friendly website and photography

Dynamic menu technology to keep visitors on your site

Online ordering with marketing automation

Photography and online ordering that pay for themselves. In just two months, we were able to help Terra Terroir capture over $60k in online ordering revenue.

Laptop screen showing Popmenu interactive menus

If not for Popmenu’s flexibility and customer service, I don’t know how else I would’ve been able to efficiently re-strategize my restaurant business to online ordering, pickup and delivery, all while reducing costs and maintaining my staff in the midst of a pandemic.

Laptop screen showing Popmenu interactive menus

Set your restaurant marketing for takeoff

Work with our team of marketers to implement strategies intended to drive growth, engage your restaurant followers, and support your social media presence.

laptop graphic

Your Popmenu subscription + Boost

Icon of person in a circle to note an account manager
Designated account manager (Client Marketing Consultant)
Icon of a computer showing a Popmenu Ordering Event
Custom online ordering campaigns*
Clipboard icon
Regularly scheduled business reviews
Icon of text bubbles to show engagement
Quarterly strategic planning meetings
Icon image for Google Business Profile
Integration guidance: Google Business Profile
Camera Icon Illustration
Annual 4-hour photoshoot**
Icon of an envelope to note email messages
2-4 mass emails designed and sent by designated Client Marketing Consultant
Social Media Icons for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
8 social posts per month across Instagram & Facebook
Smartphone Icon with text bubbles
Up to 4 marketing text messages sent per month
Icon of a desktop computer building an email
Automated email customization
*Only for accounts with Popmenu online ordering enabled
**Must be completed within 30 days of boost subscription start date or anniversary, as applicable

Your partner in staying top-of-mind and driving guest loyalty

restaurant advertising on mobile and desktop formats
Laptop showing a Popmenu Boost client example

“The Popmenu team works so well with our internal Marketing team, and are very responsive and efficient. They allow us to extend our organic reach on social media, and help increase our effectiveness in communicating with our customer base, while maintaining the voice and feel of our brand.

jennifer grasz
Mariella Avenarius | The Chori-Man
Laptop screen showing Choriman website

Put your best food forward

Refreshing your restaurant's photography goes hand-in-hand with refreshing your menu—create cravings with included phtography.

A group of 6 images showing client photography examples

Gain efficiency in the kitchen and make fulfilling orders easier on your team.

Save time with automation and reclaim valuable counter space
Consolidate software and support to just one vendor
a POS terminal
Eliminate errors via POS integrations with Square and Clover

Order Management that Just Makes Sense

With OrderNerd baked directly into the Popmenu platform, there's just one place to receive and fulfill orders, whether those come from third-party delivery partners, or online orders placed on your website.

online ordering graphic
green checkmark
Manage both your third-party delivery orders and online orders through Popmenu with just one app
green checkmark
Save time and ensure accuracy through POS integrations with Clover and Square POS systems
green checkmark
Control order flow with Order Throttling, allowing you to delay and pause orders based on what's best for your kitchen
green checkmark
86 items across all third-party ordering platforms when you run out of certain dishes
green checkmark
Pause your orders across individual third-party delivery partners
green checkmark
Get consolidated sales reporting details for all your online ordering, including third-party delivery partners
A list of online ordering from Iki Ramen using the Popmenu's dashboard and product.

Upgrading from Otter to OrderNerd has been fantastic and has made our 3rd-party deliveries run more smoothly. OrderNerd is definitely a must-have if you work with multiple delivery companies! We now have much more flexibility and control over our orders and the integration with Square POS has been seamless.

A mockup of Iki Ramen's home web page and a Popmenu client
green checkmark

One 3-hour photography session included

green checkmark

30-second brand video for homepage

green checkmark

Custom designed marketing email headers

Go above and beyond with Popmenu Studio

star icon

Accessible, mobile-friendly, and responsive web design

star icon

Streamlined direct ordering and delivery experience built-in

star icon

Custom-built email headers for Mass Messages and Smart Messages

star icon

Guest data capture process built into online ordering flow and menu experience

star icon

Includes contact forms, social media plug-ins, and e-commerce solutions

star icon

Top-performing Lighthouse* scores according to Google audit

Average Lighthouse scores of Popmenu-designed websites:


Accessibility We ensure your website conforms to the globally accepted standard for accessibility


Best PracticesWe keep your website secure and easy to navigate


SEOA website designed to make you easy to find through a Google search

*Google Lighthouse is an industry-standard auditing tool for measuring the quality and user experience of websites.

chicken restaurant webpages

A design partner you can trust

star icon

A designated designerKick off design discussing cuisine, custom graphics, and creative direction.

star icon

Phenomenal photosWhile we work on design outline, schedule your photoshoot to capture the cravability of your food and ambiance.

star icon

Consistent communicationStay in the loop; keep in touch with your client onboarding consultant to submit revisions and updates.

A mockup of Papi Queso restaurant website in mobile format & Popmenu client

Premier design services for a fraction of the price

Client Discovery




Web Design



Standard Design Package

Web Designer

Discovery done through email with client onboarding consultant

Existing client photos or stock photography

Not included

Themed template with minor adjustments

Keep existing website copy

Standard email messaging design

Popmenu Studio Design Package

Senior Web Designer

Personal call with a senior designer and client onboarding consultant

Updated professional photography + premium stock photography (where necessary)

Professional video

Themed template with customizations, unique graphics and minor adjustments

Updated website homepage and about us copy optimized for search

Custom email message design

Design-agency results that 'pop'

Get a free demo today!

Answer some questions about your restaurant and we'll make sure to make the most of your time.