Contactless Ordering with Table Tabs

Save time and turn tables while
turning every transaction into a
marketing opportunity.

Engage My Guests
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A study by Datassential has shown 82 percent of customers would feel safer dining at restaurants if contactless payment was available and 81 percent said they’d feel safer with contactless ordering

Contactless ordering with table tabs

Let guests control their ordering experience so your staff can focus on providing outstanding hospitality. Once a guest is seated, they simply scan a QR code, create their tab on your site, and can start ordering! It all lives on your site through their phone. No additional hardware required.

The benefits of table tabs

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Capture more guest data

Grow your customer database with data collected as guests open tabs. Remarket to guests with personalized messaging that builds long-term, valuable relationships.

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Increase revenue

With QR codes opening to an interactive menu your guests can see mouthwatering dish photos and reviews from other guests. Plus, table tabs make it easy for them to order again and again.

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Decrease table times

Giving guests control of their tab lets them close out tickets whenever they're ready—no more waiting for the check and you can turn more tables.

Save on labor while providing guests a seamless ordering experience

Restaurants could save up to 30-50% on labor costs and increased order sizes, according to
a study by the NYT

Let your team focus on telling your restaurant's story—your guests already have their orders covered. By immediately starting orders, guests can get in and out faster while utilizing fewer staff to cover the
same tables.

With no additional hardware required, your restaurant can have Contactless Ordering with Table Tabs set up on your Popmenu site in 15 minutes. Built to compliment your online ordering channels, Table Tabs will flow into the same dashboard as your in-house pick-up, curbside pick-up, and delivery orders—streamlining your kitchen and guest experience.

Phones displaying Contactless Ordering processPhones displaying Contactless Ordering process

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