PDF menus on a smart phone? No, thanks.

Improve the guest experience while turning every visit to your menu into an opportunity to drive repeat visits.

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How Contactless Menus Start a Profitable Chain of Events

Contactless menus that let you say goodbye to PDFs — forever.

We’ll help you do better than a PDF menu.

Don’t make your guests have to click through multiple pages, zoom in to read tiny text on PDFs, and navigate away from your restaurant’s website to read reviews about your dishes. 

Not only does Popmenu make your brand look good, every page is ADA conformant, and built to be mobile-responsive and stunning across all devices. We give guests everything they need to make a dining decision right on your menu.

The average user spends 15 seconds on your restaurant’s online menu before they navigate elsewhere, while the average time spent on a Popmenu menu is 1 minute and 50 seconds.

Contactless menus that elevate your dining experience from first impression to final transaction.

With our one-of-a-kind, engaging dish technology and online ordering platform, Popmenu gives your guests what they need to find you, see your menu, and make an order. See what Popmenu can do to improve your online presence by scheduling a personalized tour for your restaurant now.

Interior and Logo Terra Terroir
popmenu Case Study

Terra Terroir

Embracing change in light of COVID-19 and placing online ordering and delivery at the front of their business.
“If not for Popmenu’s flexibility and customer service, I don’t know how else I would’ve been able to efficiently restrategize my restaurant business to online ordering and curbside pickup and delivery all while reducing costs and maintaining my staff.”
-Tim Moore, owner at Terra Terroir