Another way to serve: Curbside pickup

Give your guests a seamless experience with your restaurant without ever leaving their car.

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Curbside convenience for your customers

Whether on their way home from work, the gym, or simply to skip potential delivery fees—many guests are choosing the convenience of curbside pickup. Now your restaurant can offer curbside along with your other online ordering options through Popmenu.

While on your site, guests can peruse mouthwatering photos, reviews from other guests and—as soon as they've decided—start their order for in-store pickup, curbside pickup or delivery. Never miss another potential, off-premise guest.

Additional revenue, without the extra burden

While adding another potential ordering option may seem daunting—we've ensured it's just as streamlined as your on-premise operations.

Simple and Efficient

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Order is Placed

Guests place a curbside order just like any other online order through your Popmenu site. A notification is sent to your My.Pop dashboard where you can accept and start preparing.

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Meal is Prepped

Guests receive a confirmation text  and estimated prep time. They can then head to the restaurant on their own time and text a "1" to alert you to their arrival.

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Knowing the guests car type and color from your restaurant's My.Pop dashboard, staff can confidently head out to the curb and hand off the hot, fresh meal to your eagerly awaiting guests.

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"When you start looking at other restaurant websites and menus, it's kind of unbelievable that more people don't use Popmenu. It's been such a benefit for us and certainly will be a benefit for the rest of the restaurant world."

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